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You know what they say about death and taxes. There’s nothing shittier in the world than those two things. Yep, that’s how the old saying goes. I actually made this comic about not having finished my 2010 taxes INSTEAD of working on finishing my 2010 taxes. Is there some kind of meta-sadness most ironic procrastination write off? I have to have them done this week, so my CPA can finalize my return before I leave for New York ComicCon. Being a full time cartoonist is very much exactly the same as running a small business. There are 100’s of forms and thousands of numbers and hundreds of thousands of Advil and millions upon millions of things you just forgot to do because you are only one person and someone has to actually make some comics some times instead of just filling out forms about making comics, so now the government wants to take your house away. They don’t tell you all of that at orientation. Also there is no orientation.

ANOTHER THING: After a power surge last week, my file server (the one that holds all of my HE-related files) died (despite being plugged into a heavy duty surge supressor). The drives were OK but I have to buy a new enclosure ($150) to access them over my network. The same day I found out a miscalibration of our sprinkler system made our water bill for this month $200 more than we were expecting. So $350 I don’t really have just flew out the window. If you were considering donating to support HijiNKS ENSUE, doing so now would be SUPER APPRECIATED.  Donors get access to all of the desktops, audio and other goodies in The Vault. Just make a donation of any amount, or sign up for a recurring donation subscription and you’ll get access.


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  1. I think if you wanted to hook yourself up with more write-offs, the hours you spent watching Lost that never amounted to anything at all should be worth at least something.

  2. How dare you spend more on tapestries than zeppelins! There are only two reasons I can come up with that might justify it:
    1) You need them to chronical your victories over the hated French forces, thus hanging them from the walls of your mighty keep.
    B) You have the most tastefully decorated zeppelin in the world and/or the most tasteful zeppelin-accessing rope-ladder in the world.

  3. You coud try Maryann's Zeppelins, or Zeppelin Hut, or Zeppelin Village, you know what, they're all on Main St, in the Zeppelin District.

    • *glove slap* SIR! How dare you?!? I will see you on the field of honor at dawn, which for me is right before lunch.
      Good day, suh!

  4. First you start a corporation. Then you create a subsidiary and put your worst comics including all losses incurred from those comics under the name of the subsidiary. After the subsidiary has absorbed all your losses, have it declare bankruptcy while your corporation keeps all your revenue. Oh and make sure that your corporation is based in a state with really low taxes and lander funnel some money to offshore accounts.

    • Are you considered "too big to fail"?
      You really need to become that type of corporation…I hear not only do people protest you in parks, but you get all kinds of tax writeoffy loopholes, but bailouts.

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