Vacation Sketch Diary 2014: Galveston, TX Day 3

Despite applying copious amounts of sunscreen and wearing a 90% UV blocking shirt, I really was burned quite badly on the neck, head and arms. I can’t remember if it was Robocop or Total Recall┬áthat had the scene where the woman covers herself head to toe in multicolored UV block gel which earned her 15 minutes of safe fun in the sun, but I have a feeling that gag was more prophetic than the filmmakers intended.

I hope you enjoyed my vacation sketch diary. Regular HE comics resume post haste.

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    • Yup, an ad from the TV series, right? I don't remember a single thing about the show or even if I ever saw a second episode, but I remember that ad. Scary stuff.

  1. One Joel to rule them all, One Joel to find them,
    One Joel to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

  2. Next time I plan to spend an extended period in the sun I'm going to make a stencil and do the reverse. Apply sun screen, next day burnt in Black Speech. Might be in time for the local con as well.

  3. The things I found most important when spending time in the sun is 1: Make sure your sunscreen is not expired. Most only works well up to a year. And 2: Reapply sunscreen every 30-60 minutes if you're going to be outside aaaaaall day.

    That first one is the kicker though. If you're like me and my husband and rare spend extended time out in the sun, you won't realize that you're applying sunscreen that is way past it's date because you bought it five years ago when you last decided to venture out into into the world. The thing about expired sunscreen is that it doesn't look or feel any different. It just doesn't work as well.

    That all being said, there's only so much you can do if your skin isn't prepared for extended exposure to the sun. Geek problems, right?

  4. When I was little the part in my hair would *always* burn. Granted the rest of me would too, but it was much easier to apply sunscreen to the rest of me. Although, there was that one horrible summer that included two weeks in Texas while I was on meds for Lyme disease (which make one *very* sensitive to sun). That was not a fun couple of weeks, so very red.

    As an alleged grown up I am so rarely outside during the summer that it isn't really an issue any more. Thank you @musicchan for the expiration info though, I had no idea that stuff expired that quickly! I'm sure the stuff I do have is multiple years old.

  5. My wife, like others in her position, have such a weakness to sunlight from her medication. She burns in 30 minutes of 85+ degree weather. I think the worst part is that she didn't have this problem when she was younger. So in times she'll forget that she could end up like udo kier from Blade in direct sun.

  6. The UV Index rating here in California was frighteningly high last month. It was a really weird sensation to spend too long in the sun, and the days I spent all day in the sun, I paid for dearly with weird minor symptoms of exposure. I feel for this comic.

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