Vacation Sketch Diary 2014: Galveston, TX Day 2

Please to enjoy this second Vacation Sketch Diary situation. We actually bad a blast at Schlitterbahn, which is German for “Towels are $35 at the gift and you forgot to bring towels.” Kiddo is essentially fearless when it comes to water slides. She rode them all. All of them. All of the ones with the big red triangles on the sign that denoted EXTREME DANGER, EXTREME FALLING VERY FAST and GENERAL ETREME EXTREMENESS.

I posted a photo of the experience, as well as a video.

I think I have one more of these in me, then back to regular HE comics.

TARDIS Necklace from Science & Fiction

tardis necklace on etsy from science and fiction



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    • Also to collect the items bought at the gift shop that were left behind in order to restock said gift shop

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