The Shallow End

Please do not give me too much credit for today’s comic. I did not come up with WINEPOOL. I merely documented, and commented on its existence. WINEPOOL is a real thing… and ALL TOO real thing. It is a sign of the times, as well as a portent of things to come. 100 years from now, what little is left of humanity will measure their history in two epochs: Before WINEPOOL and After WINEPOOL. After WINEPOOL will also be known as THE GREAT BLOOD WAR, or THE CENTURY OF SKULLS. Either way, no good can come of it. Still, it’s best not to fight the inevitable. Our new WINEPOOL-based society is sure to take foot any day now, and those who refuse to adapt will certainly be left in the shallow end.

TARDIS Necklace from Science & Fiction

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In the last day or so the HijiNKS ENSUE Patreon went over $1500, which means starting next month there will be 4 new comics a week! This is either going to take the form of 4 HE comics or 3 HE comics and one FANEURYSM comic. Haven’t decided yet. Either way, thank you all so much for the support!



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  1. 3 Continuity-loving Hijinks and 1 Fanyeurism a week sounds like something we could have only dreamed of in the pre-Winepool era.
    Maybe the Oracle was wrong?

  2. I live in a very rural part of Pennsylvania, and I feel like if the state ever changed their liquor laws, this would be my Walmart (yes, I work at one) every day.

  3. You shouldn't try to lock yourself into a set combination of Hijinks/Fanyeurism per week. That could easily end up feeling restrictive and cause pressure & stress.

    I think most Fancy Bastards would be perfectly happy with any combination of Hijinks, Fanyeurism or Lo-FiJinks. Whatever you have the inspiration for, as long as we get 4 comics a week, we'll be as happy as a kid in a wine-pool (and by "kid" I mean "immature 30-something" ).

  4. True, if you're into fat and hairy people, Wal Mart is pretty much the happening spot, no matter what state you're in.

    • Pajamas that they somehow manages to be too fat for. Seriously, how do you get too fat for sweatpants? What are they consuming?!

      • If you're asking that question, then you've never been to a Walmart. I've seen people there too fat for a fucking Hoveround. The fat chicks in tight jeans go past "Muffin Top" all the way to "Cake Layers".

  5. Uhg, its all white. Cheap white wine is liquid headache.
    Fruit sugars + alcohol sugars + sulphur. Your only hope is to drink enough of it quick enough that the sugar rush and drunkenness postpone the headache until you crash, and by the time the hangover bill comes due you are hopefully unconscious.

  6. I've wanted to Scrooge McDuck a giant vat of Cheetohs since I was 6, but I think diving into it would be a bad idea. The resulting CRUNCH sound would not only come from the Cheetohs.

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