Vacation Sketch Diary 2014: Galveston, TX Day 1

Here’s the deal: I’m on vacation with my family this week, and try as I might I have been unable to create proper HE comics at night after spending the day frolicking with them on beaches and at water parks, and under board walks, and in this one REALLY shady Dollar General we went to in order to buy sunglasses (more on that later). So this week I am going to post some (likely three) vacation diary sketches instead of comics.

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Here’s the OTHER deal: Ever since I started my Patreon, my main goal has been to MAKE CERTAIN that I publish three new comics a week, every week. For the last couple of months I’ve been creating comics and posting them backdated in order to make sure every calendar week had three new comics. For the most part, I’ve been operating at a 1 week deficit and constantly playing catch up. This abstract concept that exists only in my head by which I am creating three new comics a week, yet telling myself they are LAST week’s comics and thusly all a week late is paralyzing my brain with frustration. I have made the managerial decision to call it even, as of this week, and date the comics for the week they come out. What this means for you is that “last week,” the week of 6/30 to 7/4, doesn’t have any new comics and never will. I’m really sorry about that. What it means for me is that I can try to repair my productivity-brain BEFORE San Diego Comicon, which is in less than 2 weeksOHGODOHNOOHWHYOHGOD. Anywho, I am trying my best, and failing a lot, succeeding occasionally and I suppose that’s what The Experiment is all about.


About those sunglasses: I bought them at the SKEEVIEST Dollar General I have ever been to. There was no AC and the lights were out in the entire back half of the store. People were just sort of milling about, groaning and twitching in the darkness. Could have been customers, could have been employees. Amidst the piles of deeply discounted detritus and darkness, who’s to say? I bought them specifically so I could take them too the beach and potentially (probably) lose them without getting too upset. The first time we went to the beach, on the VERY FIRST day of our vacation, a wave jumped right up out of nowhere, kicked me in the head, stole my sunglasses and delivered them into the greedy, gaping maw of Poseidon. That moist dickhead. Knowing good and well that this was always how it was going to end between me and those sunglasses, I STILL got super pissed about my unfair treatment by the the entire god damn ocean and spent a considerable amount of time squinting in abject rage. Also I got a qicked sunburn because scientists classify my natural complexion as “Easy-Bake.” Fun times. 

Here are some photos from the first day.


Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 6.34.41 PM

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  1. "Easy-Bake" complexion. I'm going to have to remember that, it's awesome. I've always explained my time in the sun with this handy flowchart

    pasty -> burnt -> pealing -> freckled -> pasty

    There is no "tan", my skin doesn't tan, it just dies and flakes off leaving freckles behind. I have the skin of a redhead without actually having the red hair (my dad had the flaming red hair). Well, my beard used to come in red until it turned traitor and starting getting grey.

    • Thank you. I havent decided. The reason comic Joel doesnt have a full beard is because then all three main mail characters would have full beards. I've been considering it though. I plan to redesign the characters when the current story is over.

  2. Well, other than that incident, I hope you're enjoying my native homeland. 🙂

    If y'all are in the mood for BBQ or burgers, an old friend of mine runs The BBQ Barn at Stewart & 57th Street. Good stuff there.

    • We've eaten almost exclusively seafood since we've been here. Land meat is far too easy to get back home.

    • Hah! That's where we had lunch on Wednesday. You know a place is great when it has way too few tables and WAY too many customers. The line was out the door.

  3. Galveston is nice, was there last year, The Spot on Seawall Blvd is pretty nice, but there are bars tied into it so for the small kids, might not be the best fit, Leon's BBQ, is a nice down home cookin' place Gaido's is good from what I've heard. The Ferry on the east side of the island is a nice ride and free, and over on Pelican island is Seawolf Park, where you can go through a submarine, and a destroyer escort vessels. If you ride the Ducks there they will give you a tour of the city as well, and give you ideas on where to go and what to see!

    • We ate at Gaido's last night. It really is excellent. I went to Seawolf when I was a kid and toured the submarine. I thought if I pressed the buttons it would start up and submerge so everything felt super dangerous the whole time. We took Kiddo on the ferry just for the experience. She saw a ton of dolphins and was pretty excited.

  4. Good comic! Just who is in charge out there?

    Oh, and in the alt text, it should be "grisly", just FYI – 🙂 Loved the joke!

    • Nothing beats a good CSI: Miami "puns & sunglasses" joke. God, I miss that show. Makes me miss all the best parts of living in Miami…the sun, the Cuban food, and the grisly murders. That's probably why I miss Dexter so much as well….

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