Unwavering Devotion

Josh doesn’t actually know what the character on his posterior really means, but if he shows it at the China Dragon Palace he gets a half priced buffet on Tuesdays. Which begs the question, why is he pulling his ass out in Chinese restaurants?


Godspeed, You Fancy Bastard T-Shirt

Tudykery,” not to be confused with the similarly named, holiday time bird carcass nesting doll, is the quality by which Alan Tudyk makes things better (or at least tolerable) simply by being a part of them. This “human bacon bits” quality is the only reason I was able to get through the first few episodes of V and convince myself it wasn’t horrifically boring. Then they killed him off and the veil of mediocrity was lifted. How to do you make an alien lizard people invasion boring?

Still, there is the issue of “The Browncoat Contract,” by which I mean the obligation of the Firefly/Serenity faithful to give every show or movie featuring one of our bright, shiny stars a more than fair chance. It was this obligation that made me watch Nathan Fillion’s Drive. All 4 episodes of it. And Adam Baldwin‘s short lived The Inside. This same obligation caused many of you to tune in for Jewel Staite in SyFy’s Mothman. My condolences. The kind of made-for-TV scifi garbage that would usually require you to drink a gas can full of ether and Yoohoo to sit through must be given a free pass because the cute space mechanic is the one running from the CG monster that looks like it was created with a Speak’n Spell hooked up to a George Foreman grill.

Luckily for us, there is an escape clause. Once the Firefly veteran’s new show takes off, you are no longer under contract. For instance, both Chuck and Castle are successful shows. My super bonus TV watching ability’s are not required to save them from cancelation since “the normals” are watching it too.

The worst part about the Contract is that it forces me to watch shows that I already know are going to be awful  just so I can feel like I am doing my part to support the actors. Have you seen the promos for Summer Glau’s new show The Cape? It’s about a disgraced cop that decides to be Batman. Sounds cool, right? Well, he spends most of his time hanging out with carnies and magicians, so… just watch the promos. Holy lowered expectations, Cape Man!

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  1. At least Drive was mildy entertainment.
    That movie with Nathan and Stabuck? what was it called? the light or something? that was really bad.

    at least now I don't have to watch V anymore right?

  2. I think "The Cape" actually looks pretty awesome. Sort of a combination of Batman and V for Vendetta. I assume the carnival stuff is limited to the first few episodes – a sort of extended "training montage".

  3. I give The Cape a 40% chance of totally sucking a 59% chance it’ll be bearable and a 1% chance it’ll actually be good… Odds are based that it’s been picked up by NBC.

  4. I swear to honor and support Joss Whedon and all his deciples until the day he rised from the grave to smite the great evil that is Fox in the Whedongeddon. Aaaaaameeeeen.

  5. I watched every episode of Dollhouse, which included Alan Tudyk as Alpha. It was chocked full of Whedon alums–Eliza Dushku, Amy Acker, Alexis Denisof, and Summer Glau. Did I miss anyone? This counts as my dedication towards Whedon, right? I really don't have to suffer through, I mean, experience V, do I?

  6. Well, sure, you don't HAVE to watch Castle, but why wouldn't you? Pop culture richness, Fillion sarcasticharm and the fact that both leads are the countrymen of Wolverine makes it damn compelling viewing. At least for a canuck.

  7. "Which begs the question, why is he pulling his ass out in Chinese restaurants?" – hijinksensue

    Uh…. to pay the check on a $119 worth of pork fried rice?

    • So THAT'S how you pronounce it! Maybe it's me but a lot of the actors Whedon works with have hard-to-pronounce names

  8. Unrelated comment, can anyone tell me why the hell everytime I read Josh's dialogue I picture the voice of Danny Bonaducce? WHY?!

  9. NEWS UPDATE: Rumor is going around that there will be no Megan Fox in TF 3 but unfortunately the Stereotype Twins will be…..

    So with Alan Tudyk , that’s 2 good things vs 1 bad one….but Michael Bay destroying everything good in TF lore equals a bottomless pit to climb out of….


    • Like TF2 before it, I will automatically disregard every rumor I hear about TF3 until I see a teaser trailer

  10. I've loved the word cloaca ever since the episode of Wonderfalls where Jaye tries to get two endangered birds to mate.

    "Her cloaca is fully engorged!"

  11. Panel 2. It's been a while since I've seen such beautiful subtlety on the interschlongs. And certainly I've never seen such expert suggestion of "Heyyyyyyyyy………." where a caption doesn't exist.

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