Momma! I Traded The Polar Bear For Magic Beans!


SciFi SyFy Tv-Movie Title Generator Shirt

Science Fiction TV-Movie Title Generator T-Shirt @Topatoco!!!

There is also a PRINT of this design too!

This particular volume of “Tales Of the Enchanted Island Where Extremely Coincidental Things Happen All The Time For No Particular Reason, As It Turns Out” presents a difficult challenge to the reader. The first three chapters are actually in the middle of the book. After reading one page of Chapter 1, you have to go back 3 chapters and read one page from Chapter Negative 1. You alternate this way until you get to Chapter 4 (which is the 7th chapter), at which point you alternate reading one page from Chapter 4 and one page from the final chapter of the book. I can’t remember what you do for Chapter 5. Maybe you just skip it. Then for Chapter 6 you alternate reading one page from Chapter 6 and another page from the 6th Chapter of a completely different book. Any book. Reader’s choice.

[Observant HE readers will note that this is my 2nd attempt at this particular metaphor. I think I’ve ironed out most of the kinks and have a good working theorem here.]

Side Note: Soul Hole is my Sexual Chocolate cover band.

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  1. I want to think that's a young JJ Abrams with the sniffles…Or a really, really old one telling his grandkid a story.

  2. I'm so proud to say I had no idea what the character was talking about (because I've never watched Lost).

    But kuddos for the Bears jersey on the kid… yay Princess Bride details!

    • Same with the storyline for V. Of course, the first line of that would be "Once upon a time, there was a world of people who couldn't form expressions and whose experiences didn't change them in the slightest…"

  3. Love LOST. Love it, even though it beats me up each week. Can't explain it. Especially once they rolled out the – well, what you wrote in the comic.

    That said 1) Thank Jacob it's ending and 2) PERFECT COMIC.

  4. Thunder: Because you find it’s an entertaining show? Or at least for most of the time, though I like S6. But I stopped caring about answers long ago. I’ll miss the show because I found it awesome, not because mysteries were resolved unsatisfactory.

  5. I have never seen an episode of Lost. Never. And I still love this comic! Watching Lost is on my list of things to do. It actually comes before finishing my Master's degree in Nursing. It's good to have priorities, right?

  6. I’ve watched a few episodes of Lost but after being literally lost while trying to jump into the series in episode 3 I decided I’d be better off just getting DVD sets… which I’ve STILL yet to do.

    But my opinion on Lost from what I’ve track of it is it seems like JJ was trying to adapt a choose your own adventure book into a TV show.

  7. Once again a dead on observation presented in such a way as to generate a perpetual nerdgasm covered in LoL-sauce!!

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