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Here’s another resurrected and recolored FANEURYSM comic. As I explained here, there are a few FANEURYSM comics that I don’t want to allow to slip into the void of the Internet’s hazy memory, and that fit in nicely with the aesthetic of Sharkzpode. You can see the original, much smaller, and much more orange version HERE.

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  1. I love this comic. Not because I get any of the references, save the Guardians bit, but because it is adorable. And reminds me of the hopeful ending, because I about lost it when he sacrificed himself.

    Honestly, this pruning bit reminds me of Jet from Cowboy Bebop than anything, because that was my particular formative experience.
    But I am glad it is gets reposted here.

    Why is Rocket seemingly trying to eat Groot with chopsticks? Another reference I am unaware of?

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