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Sharksploders: Do you have any recurring stress dreams?

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  1. I dont have any dependants, so my stress dreams tend to be about random, catastrophic health failures. I think the one that stands out the most was the one where my eyes got burnt out like the mugger in the first Ghost Rider movie. Not because of any particular reason, just like… spontaneous eye combustion.

  2. I have to diffuse a bomb while comforting one of my female friends that just got dumped while my best friend has came out and says he wants me to date him and so does my female friend while this bomb is on a plane filled with orphans with cancer and I have to do a math test afterwards

  3. If I go to bed stressed, I have a recurring dream about discovering pets that I was supposed to be taking care of and had forgotten, usually fish or hamsters, and they end up multiplying to comically ridiculous levels.

  4. I had this one well into my thirties: For whatever reason, I’ve gone back to college. But I’ve also gotten a job (not the one I have in IRL; I’ve worked the same place since 1987), and even thought it started out as part-time, it’s gradually expanded to the point that, in the dream, I’m actually going to class for the first time in weeks. I make my way through the halls, which resemble a combination of my built-in-1960 public high school and my built-in-the-1970s community college campus, to one of my classes, find a seat, sit down…and realize I’ve completely lost track of what part of the semester it is, because it’s finals week, and I haven’t so much as cracked the book for this class in two (three? four? SIX??) weeks!
    And then I wake up.
    I don’t think I’ve had that dream during the current century, but obviously it made quite an impression.

    • I think the question on everyones mind is, what job has had continuous employment since 1987? Considering how much the job market and technology has changed in that time period, I can only assume you’re either involved in the Mexican drug trade, or a diamond smuggler, because those are the two most stable lines of work I can think of

  5. I have recurring dreams where my teeth get hollow inside and then crumble into dust. I also grind my teeth to the point that, when a friend of mine was in dental school and I agreed to be his patient, EVERY dentist who looked at me went, “Oh my god, you HAVE to have a nightguard!” It got to the point that before I even opened my mouth to let them check, my friend would say, “Look, she already WEARS a nightguard, she just has a lot of sleep anxiety.”

  6. My worst grown up nightmare is that one or both of my kids is missing or in trouble and I can’t find them. When I wake up I can’t get back to sleep until I go and check in their room to make certain they are in fact in their beds and safe.

  7. I don’t really have nightmares that much. I do have panic attacks that come with flashes of images though. I couldn’t tell you what most of them were, but I remember them as fragments of old nightmares.

  8. I haven’t been with the department in 15 years, but I still have panic/stress dreams where I’m being shot at and I can’t get my sidearm out of my holster. Or, if I do, my eyes go blurry and I can’t see past the end of my barrel.

    Or, sometimes I can get it out, but then I play ‘hot potato’ with it forever.

    The shrink, from back in the day, labelled them ‘Night Terrors’.

    For the record; I live in a small town and the biggest “high stress” event I went to in real life was when a lady said that the devil made her drown her kids in the bathtub.
    She called herself in and was waiting on the front porch.

  9. This dream isn’t reoccurring but its one of the few I remember almost perfectly.

    So it starts out with me running up this really long spiral staircase in a tower, and I do that for a few minutes until I reach the top (And I wasn’t tired or out of breath cause dream) and standing there is Maleficent from Disney in front of that weird heart machine from the first Kingdom Hearts.

    Now what comes next is the weird part, in order to foil her plan (Don’t know what the plan was I just know there was one) I jump into the machine and burst out of it driving a Dodge Truck of some sort, and hen proceed to drive that truck out of a stain glass window from the top of this huge tower and land from hundreds of feet in the air onto a single stretch of road in the middle of a desert.

    I drive away for a little while longer until the truck runs out of gas. I look in the back of the truck and see a regular push lawnmower, now my dream self was all like, ‘Of course, the lawnmower!’ and then started up the lawn mower and I surfed on it down the road at about the speed of the truck into the sunset.

    That’s literally the entire dream, funny how something so short seems to last for about 8 or so hours.

  10. Just the one where I’m running along the edge of a cliff as it erodes out from under me, and then I run into a sink where my disemboweled cats are mewing for help. The ground drops away, though, and I fall, unable to help them.

    It normally shows up around deadlines time.

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