They’re just jealous

Wow, this comic is almost a day late. Consider it an early Saturday edition. It was inspired by “How Iron Man Gets Dressed.” It wouldn’t be nearly as cool if Tony Stark had to sit there for 45 minutes with an impact drill and a torx driver and put the whole thing together by hand.

Yesterday was weird. I ended up talking to my friend Tom, from the band Spiraling, until 2 or 3am about what he is doing with his band and how it coincides with what I’m doing with the comic. I started working on the comic afterwards but fell asleep at 5am.

Woke up at 8am so I could finish the comic and get to some lunch plans at 1:00. Lunch was cancelled (FOR EVERYONE!) so I went right back to sleep and woke up again at noon or so. 7 hours of drawing later and here’s a comic about Iron Man.

That sounded more like a Livejournal post than I intended.

Tonight I actually get to see Iron Man (Josh and Eli saw it at Midnight last night).  Tomorrow Eli and I will be walking around at CAPE here in Dallas for “Free Comic Book Day.” I’ll be wearing a “Roslin ’08” shirt in case you want to say, “Hi (I was sent here by Satan to kill you).” Hope to see a few Fancy Bastards there.

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  1. It was really disappointing not having a camera around. I still have pictures with about 20 different Star Wars characters from Revenge of the Shit. One of the Iron Man costumes even had real metal.

  2. the closest i have EVER come to shaving this motherfucker off was the kratos costume which left me with a small goatee. good god i would need a damn good reason to actually shave it all off, i have the pussiest chin ever.

  3. Joel, are you wearing a blonde wig and a mustache?

    Iron Man was awesome. You'll love it. STAY FOR THE AFTER-CREDITS AWESOMENESS!

    Also, Intense Debate doesn't seem to work on the iPhone. I know it's not your issue; I'm just throwing it out there.

  4. There were two Iron Men at the theater I went and saw Iron Man at last night. It's the first time since Episode III: Revenge of the Shit that I've seen people in costume (aside from Pirates of the Caribbean but an eye patch and pirate hat don't count to me).

    Iron Man may very well be my favorite superhero film. I'm going to see it again tomorrow and possibly Sunday. Probably next week too to help it beat Speed Racer. I might have to get an HD set up now in preparation for when it's released on Blu Ray.

  5. I'm gonna have to dock you a letter grade for lateness, but still. Win. Losing the face fur. That is dedication right there.

    You mean I can get my lolcats, XKCD, HE and porn all in one place? There is pretty much no reason for me to leave LJ ever.

  6. Being that I'm currently unemployed, I found it really hard to surrender some of my very limited funds to support Robert Downey Jr.'s drug habit, so I did a last-minute cancellation on my friend by not going. I instead opted to go and see another one of my friends get his wrists tattooed and make every pain-laden facial expression known to man.

    Now though, I'm reconsidering the movie after hearing some glowingly positive reviews, even from people who hated the comic. Personally, I've never read the comic nor have a huge yen for comics in general *ducks to avoid things thrown by those who disagree*


    Maybe I'll catch a matinee or something.

  7. Iron Man FTW (copied from my last Twitter). It was a pretty good flick, up there with the first X Men and Spiderman and Batman Begins (although, easier to follow than BB). Iron Man 2 promises to up the awesome suit action, and then in Iron Man 3 he'll go all emo on us with a goofy haircut that somehow comes out thru the iron mask and we'll all be wistful for these days when it was good. So enjoy it now while it lasts, because they're gonna screw this one up just like the rest.

  8. Wait, did Josh shave his beard so that he could paint the mask onto his face?

    Will we see a beardless Josh in future comics?

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