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I just can’t seem to remember to cancel my Black Friday sale in the HE Store. I sure hope no one is in the mood for savings, because they could really take advantage of my forgetfulness. If someone wanted to know more about the fantastic savings or the new products (including the first ever HE Button Pack!) I suppose they could click HERE.

If you celebrated Thanksgravy this year I hope it was both gluttonous and slothful. Mind was both as is evidenced by my massive hangover. Well, I’m not sure if you call it a hangover when you’re talking about pie but you get my drift. Conventional wisdom would say you can avoid pain the next morning my alternating pumpkin and chocolate pecan pie every half hour. My experiments prove this to be false and delicious.

The more I learn about Hobo Thanksgiving traditions the more fascinated and repulsed I am. I mean I am literally dry heaving with Hobo holiday knowledge and cheer. Did you know the King of the Hobos pardons one “gravy rat” each year? It’s really just a symbolic thing  because as soon as the rat escapes seven or 40 hoboes pounce on it with rusted cutlery that once belonged to a Denny’s. They are a proud and majestic people. I also learned that you can make Hobo Rat Gravy by stuffing a rat into a milk jug, adding equal parts grain alcohol and windshield wiper fluid and fast-aging it near a burning trash can. After a few hours you just add coffee grounds to taste and serve over… well, everything.

You may notice that this comic is going live severely after Thanksgiving. Go ahead. Notice it. I won’t punish you. That’s because I chose to spend the thankful times with those which I am most thankful for: my wife and daughter. Now that we’ve all had enough of each other I can return to those which I am second most thankful for: you guys. You magnificent Fancy Bastards. You may be second in my heart but you will always be first in my something something.

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  1. I too know the pain of too much pie…I think I had about 6 different pieces of pie. About 6 am in the morning I wake to the sound of a dying cordless phone. (apparently my grandma's phone decided to die) I swear the acid reflux I woke up feeling like someone had taken a brillo pad to the inside of my throat. It was either the pie or the 6 glasses of red wine I drank throughout the day because all the little cousins drank the soda, and chicago water tastes like hobo gravy.

  2. Boxcar Pete! I've missed him so (and his gravy recipe just makes me wonder why we ever strayed so far apart).
    Pretty awesome strip, especially Josh's eyes rolling back with pain/disgust/homosexuality.

    Oh, and happy late Thanksgravy to the whole HE cast/crew, and their associated family members!

  3. I envy your over-abundance of pie; my MIL decided to make something she called 'ginger cake' instead of pie this year. It tasted of salt from my tears.

  4. I did something similar to that once. I found a dead squirrel and put in an empty mayo jar. We buried it in the backyard. About a week later, we were curious to see what it would look like since it was an airtight glass jar.

    It was a black liquid with chunks in it. My brother broke it with a rock when we put it back in the hole. It was the worse stench I've ever smelled in my life. I didn't throw up, but we ran away and waited a couple of days before filling the hole up.

  5. we didn't have any pie, but we did have pumpkin cookies made by my Uncle Chris' girlfriend. Also, the third panel of this comic is disgusting, and for that, sir, I commend you. I can almost smell that hobo grav- oh no… excuse me, I need to go pray to the porcelain gods.

  6. Damn you Joel!!

    I am still awaiting shipping notice for my LOLFOX t-shirt, and now I need to order the team Edward shirt, and the button pack!!

    I might just have to send the links to my blokey with some "hint hint" comments :o)

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