The Song Of The Unsuccessful Aquatic Mammal

UPDATE 9/19/09: Thanks to @Alyssa_Milano for sharing this comic with her Tweeps. If you dig the comic and would like to follow me on Twitter, please do.


… or “The Fail Whale at Tanagra!”

[reddit-me]Ironically, Eli and Denise died in a murder/suicide pact moments before Twitter came back online.

So I guess Twitter got attacked by killbots or something yesterday morning. I was asleep until 10am (having stayed up working until 4am the previous night), so I didn’t notice. [Follow me on Twitter, if you want]

Read up on Darmok and the Tamaraians if panel one is confusing at all.

UPDATE ON THE BOOK PRESALE! As of this posting there are only about 10 Ultimate Fancy Editions left!

Seeing as how the Ultimate Fancies are all but sold out, I can officially announce that the preorders for the 150 UF editions have completely paid for the full print run of 1000 copies of HijiNKS Ensue Vol 1: Godspeed, You Fancy Bastard. Thank you all so much for your constant support.


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  1. Twitter, Facebook, Livejournal, they all tanked. I'm betting it was some sort of conspiracy, probably propagated by the older generation, to try to get "the kids" off the damn intertubes and back into real life.

  2. Aww, Eli is such a supportive boyfriend to let Denise tweet "at his face".

    This is also another sort of funny if you follow them on the twitters and notice that a good number of their tweets seem to be about their cat watching TV or knocking shit over.

    I do call shenanigans on that one tweet being well over 140 characters. Sammichtweet.

  3. I can't stop giggling at Denise's first line! The whole comic is excellent, but the TNG reference is my favourite part. I'd send this to my mum because she raised us on Star Trek (I blame/thank her for my love of sci fi, and am still beaming that she's gotten into Doctor Who [next stop, Firefly, I hope]), but I don't know if she'd get the Twitter part of the joke.

  4. Yeah, it was a DNS. Hit Twitter and I think Facebook.

    I'm surprised this sort of thing hasn't happened before. Usually when something on the Internet becomes popular, it becomes a big-ass target, and Twitter is so hot it's on fire these days.

  5. First off, love the TNG reference.

    This whole failfest is news to me, as I must have been the only one with said accounts who was too busy WORKING to miss out on this temporary moratorium on this colossal waste of time. Uh, if you will.

  6. I think Denise's first line is the only litmus test you'll ever need to discern somebody's Geek Level. I chuckled uncomfortably when I immediately recognized the reference.

  7. Goddammit, this made me laugh/made me sad mostly because of that post it twitter about meatball subs… Eli and I constantly have to work together like Darmok and Jalad against Kurby's hunger for cheese.

  8. What do the numbers in brackets mean? The (61) and the (0) on the post-its.

    TV Tropes has been having DDoS problems for a while now, and we figured we were a warm-up for whoever's doing this stuff. (Other sites bar Twitter were affected, I heard.) Guess we were right.

  9. Those would be the number of characters left of your 140 allotment I suspect. ( Or not-alot-ment )

    Isn't there some sort of off-line client for Twitter so you can just pile them up and dump them when the beast awakens?

    • hey, that would be a good idea! like "failwhale protection" because you have a tought, you tweet it, and when you reached the image of the failwhale you already forgot what you wroe.

  10. I didn't get that reference 🙁 I'm just starting TNG. I loved the comic. I was in class for most of the morning and I thought my phone was the problem but then I got home and the fraking website didn't work! it was horrible.I felt so disconnected. Yes, I am horribly addicted to twitter.
    there's or something like that for when twitter is down. I usually go to friendfeed or tumblr.

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