The Ivy-Wivey League

Wil Wheaton and I got excited and made a thing! This comic is inspired by ourĀ Gallifrey University Fighting Time Lords Shirt which you can purchase now over at Sharksplode. You can read more about it on Wheaton’s Tumblr and the Sharksplode Blogsplode. Splode.

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PHOENIX COMICON IS THIS WEEKEND!!! I will be there with Kel McDonald at table 241. WHEATON and I may actually have one or two of our Gallifrey University shirts to show you.

Phoenix Comicon HijiNKS ENSUE

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COMMENTERS: What else goes on at Gallifrey U? What courses do they take? What sports do they letter in? Who are their rival schools? What other sort of pranks might Time Lord House pull on the Dean? Personally I assumed they didn’t have proper schooling on Gallifrey at all. I thought they just took a young Time Lord, maybe 8 or 9 years old, shoved his face in the Untempered Schism and let him gaze at the Time Vortex for a bit. If he wasn’t completely dingo-tits insane afterwards, he graduated with honors.