The Host’s Lament

Despite what this comic would lead you to believe (who writes this thing anyway?), my birthday party was a smashing success. Thanks in part to the Fancy Bastards who shared in the festivities via live video stream. It was pretty amazing feeling like there were dozens of people watching the shitty movies with us.

Thanks to everyone that came in person and every one else that interwebbed the trons.

Today’s comic is the first one I ever live streamed as it was created. The Fancy Bastards kept me entertained and focused for 7 hours as this thing came together.

You can see videos of “The HijiNKS Ensue Webcomicocalypse” here. I’ll try and edit them together then speed them up for a time lapse type of thing later (assuming I can download them from Ustream).

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  1. I morally object to the blatant alcohol abuse in panel two. You should be ashamed of yourself, Joel. Didn't your mother ever tell you about those poor, thirsty and sober children in Africa? Tsk tsk tsk

  2. "I'm going to throw up on you later, yes I am!"

    I'm flashing back to the party my wife's friends threw the night before our wedding rehearsal. Horrible things happened that night. Wonderful, horrible, wet things.

    And loud.

  3. Recap from the party podcast male sack:
    Me: "Should I keep watching LOST?"
    Y'all: "Learn how to stop your orgasm mid-ejaculation. The remaining semen will form into a solid, bullet-like object. Use that mass of congealed semen to fight crime."

    You guys rock.

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