Economically Stimulated

“Hey, America! Shut your gaping pie holes and take this ca$h! Go buy a Blu-Ray player or some other worthless shit! Don’t stop to ask WHY the economy’s in the toilet, just consume! Go buy $600 worth of donut holes, or Cherry Pop Tarts, or Moon Pies or whatever you miserable fat fuckers eat! Burn it! I don’t care! Eat your check and fucking choke to death! IGNORE ME AND THINK ABOUT THE FREE MONEY!!! IT’S FREE AND IT’S MONEY!!! BUY SOME SEX FROM A WHORE OR BETTER YET, JUST GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!”



Did anyone else get this note with their check?

Me? I saved my check. We’re in a recession, you know.

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  1. […] Economically Stimulated is a funny comic, but I think the note he claims came with his check is the best part of the post. “Hey, America! Shut your gaping pie holes and take this ca$h! Go buy a Blu-Ray player or some other worthless shit! Don’t stop to ask WHY the economy’s in the toilet, just consume! Go buy $600 worth of donut holes, or Cherry Pop Tarts, or Moon Pies or whatever you miserable fat fuckers eat! Burn it! I don’t care! Eat your check and fucking choke to death! IGNORE ME AND THINK ABOUT THE FREE MONEY!!! IT’S FREE AND IT’S MONEY!!! BUY SOME SEX FROM A WHORE OR BETTER YET, JUST GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!” […]

  2. You….wait, what? I'm going to be visiting americaland for 5 weeks in december and spending my australian dollars there, why can't I get a cheque too! =( I promise to spend it on nothing but Fast Food and Disneyworld even!!

  3. jeez, Americay has the right idea, $600 for freebies, no foolie? Here in ireland, they're taking a different approach, by trying to curb late night violence outside nightclubs by SHUTTING EVERYWHERE AT EXACTLY 2.30AM. Apart from the economic consequences (why go to ireland for heavy-duty drinking when you can go to spain or italy, some bars never close), there will be carnage at the taxi ranks, i tell you, CARNAGE

    (minus the accents, teehee)

  4. Most of the conservative people I know say these checks are a useless measure by the democratic congress to get votes this November, while the moderate/liberal people I know say it is a dumb move by W…

    Unrelated to that, I spent my $600 on a PS3 and a few games.

  5. I was just short making the cut for the stimulus check—Stupid student pay rates… I didn't make the necessary 3 grand to make the cut.
    Stupid Stimulus rules— I'd stimulate the economy! I would I really would!! Give me money!

  6. Welcome to the American form of government we like to call Clusterfuckdemocracy. Whenever somebody finally makes a decision, there will be somebody that doesn't like that decision. Then both sides who were taking credit for said decision, turn and blame the other for this new "problem".

    I'm of the opinion that we should fire all Senators, Representative, and White House Cabinet Secretaries, and the President. We need to put term limits on Congresspeople. Look at Strom Thurmond. He should have been out of there ages before he died.

    I think that it would be good for America (and the World) if we took a more Libertarian approach to government. That and a healthy dose of isolationism.

    While I think Iraq had turned into a major black eye for America, I also think that we should stay until the jobs done. If we leave now, we only create a whole country that we fucked up then left to wallow in pain. I liken this to Pre-World War 2 Germany. Not only will they be (more) pissed at us, but they'll run straight into the arms of a group of people that are determined to wipe out everyone (not just Americans) that doesn't prescribe to their views of Islam.

    Anyways RANT OVER.

  7. My friend from Melbourne just went back to Austrailia. The exchange rate is about the same he said, but electronics are cheaper in America. I also took him to a gun shop. Hilarity ensued.

  8. "You can actually see your tears turn into steam" Brilliant!

    Joel, you look so happy that you managed to catch your friend's horrible maiming on HD video…

  9. I was going to extravagantly blow my check on making a dent in my credit card balance. Then I found out that I don't get one. My wife is Canadian, and is on a spouse visa while we're applying for her green card. I filed my taxes as "married filing jointly," since that way I got a refund, while if I filed separately I would have had to pay. But since she has an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number instead of a good ol' SSN, the government basically pulled a wonka and said, "you get nothing! Good day, sir!"

  10. President Bush on Wednesday signed the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008, calling it a "booster shot" for the American economy.

    "The bill I'm signing today is large enough to have an impact, amounting to more than $152 billion this year, or about 1 percent of the GDP (gross domestic product)," the president said in the brief ceremony in the East Room of the White House.

    Bush praised the quick work of the House and Senate and urged Americans not to "overreact" to the current economic troubles.

    "In the past seven years, the system has absorbed shocks: recession, corporate scandals, terror attacks, global war; yet the genius of our system is that it can absorb such shocks and emerge even stronger," he said. "In a dynamic market economy, our economy will prosper and it will continue to be the marvel of the world."

    — Those bastard democrats, getting a man to sign a bill, speak highly of it, and have a ceremony surrounding it just so they can score a couple votes.

  11. Invade a few countries, depose their rulers, destroy their infrastructure then spend trillions drawing it out for years with no goal or end in site…. then we'll compare notes.

    Also, i LOVE that the biggest problem in Ireland involves whether or not people can get shit faced at 4am. GO STEREOTYPES, GO!

  12. Its a useless measure to be sure. Gas is $4.50/gal, foreclosure rates are at an all time high, and we are hemorrhaging fake money in the middle east. $600 a person isnt going to fix shit.

  13. moment of seriousness: i really like to structure jokes in layers. The easy gag is too easy so I throw that away at the front to get you in the right frame of mind. Then I typically follow it up with a completely different gag or reference.

    I always think in terms of each comic being an entire cartoon, so I have 4 or 5 gags and have to whittle it down to 1.5 or 2.

  14. So Eli's terrified look in the last panel is because you're going to eat his bacon head like a gauze-wrapped meaty candy bar?

  15. wait, so that means people are getting plastered as fast as they can, and then are kicked out into the night at exactly the same time. Besides the fight for cabs, you're gonna get the entire country's supply of drunks to fight each other to the death, all cause "it seemed like a good idea at the time"

  16. Oh, believe me. I am SO glad I didn't pay taxes. It would have been nice to get the stimulus check though, had plans on how to spend it that would have done exactly what W wanted… I would have bought a washer and dryer for my apartment! A big, durable goods purchase. But… I guess W really didn't want me to make that purchase… so he'll have to do without my stimulating of the economy… I'm just subsisting right now. (I am better off than many though…. don't get me wrong, I do recognize that.)

    Alrighty, enough of my endless babbling.

    EXcellent comic!

  17. Technically, we're not in a recession yet. That would require 2 quarters of negative GDP. For the last two quarters, the GDP grew, although less than 1 percent each quarter.

    That being said, as a sales rep, I can tell you we are in a recession and the GDP just doesn't reflect it yet (as usually happens at the beginning of a recession.

  18. Yeah it's retarded, we still pay 80 – 120 bucks for a new console game and you pay, what? 60 max? It sucks, our rates are almost on the dot, that shit was feasible when you were double what we were economically but not now. We can't have guns here because that douchebag Martin Bryant killed 35 people in Port Arthur in 96'. I don't know if that's a good or bad thing (that we don't have guns) but with the amount of 'postal' shootings you guys have it leads me to believe that it's not even a huge crime anymore, someone should go shoot somewhere up right now and see if they only get community service. Back to the games thang' we still haven't got fucking rock band!

  19. Invade a few countries. Pssh. Ireland invade themselves. From what I saw on the news I watched once The irish are always killing each-other, IRA and Sinn-Fein etc…

  20. My friend tried to explain to me the idea behind why the tax is so large on electronics in Austrailia. It didn't make much sense to me. Also, his first gun holding experience was interesting. Like a kid in a toy shop…

    "That's an AR-13! That's a Barret .50 Cal Sniper Rifle! Where are the Desert Eagles?!?!?"

  21. I've posted about it before, but the real estate market in the DC Metro area is fucking retarded. We knew what we were getting in for, and mathematically we can afford it, but that don't make it fun.

  22. I wish I could've purchased something cool like an HD camera or a month's-supply of Mexican fireworks. Sadly, all I got to spend my stimulus on was a $60 tattoo and bills 🙁

  23. Pur-lease, that shit is old. nowadays it's Limerick knackers stabbing the crap out of each other. And it's less about getting shit-faced at 4am, it's about having the chance to continue being shit-faced for as long as possible. Uh, so not pandering to atypical stereotypes at all, no.

    Anyway, it's not the most hotly debated topic in Ireland at the moment, that's reserved for the rejection of the Lisbon Treaty. That is, everyone's talking about the rejection, not the treaty itself, as no one has a clue what the damn thing was all about in the first case. Anyway, enough…

  24. At first I took that look as shock at Josh's and Eli's plans, but you're right–it's the beginning of joyful anticipation, culminating in his evil glee in panel 4.

  25. Yes, he ate Spridle.

    For those who don't know, when the original Mad Max was imported to the US, it was decided that us American slobs wouldn't "get" the Australian accents. So the whole movie was redubbed, with half the voices provided by Peter "Speed Racer" Fernandez.

  26., link to check mailing schedule right there. Apparently you could sign up for direct deposit and have gotten it weeks ago… I haven't paid attention and really have just ignored the whole thing. Will likely dump into my mortgage too just to drop the principal a hair.


    Ok, when I sit down to write a comic I think, "Whats the stupidest thing a person could do? Something that no one would EVER be stupid enough to do?"

    But yet, someone actually managed to be that stupid.

  28. I imagine with the right amount of practice I COULD pull it off successfully… but that would have to be one HELL of a stripper to get that much in one shot! At least with the $2 bill they think they're only getting $1 and then are pleasantly surprised… OR they think they're getting a $20 and YOU are pleasantly surprised! And yes, I HAVE given this way too much thought.

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