The Cleaner

I had A LOT of fun making this comic for some reason. Perhaps it was sleep deprivation induced euphoria, but the dialog, the inks, everything was just a blast to create. Especially that blanket in panel 2. I am super proud of that blanket. That’s a GOOD blanket (cartoonists get excited about weird things). I hope you like it.

I taught cartooning to my daughter’s 1st grade class this week and I made a cover of one of my favorite Pixies songs as a thank you to my Patreon Patrons. My Patrons also got to see a rough version of this comic early (hint hint).


I also made you this super cute Adventure Time/Doctor Who shirt. GO BUY IT! 



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  1. Did you teach them how to draw panel 2? Please say you taught them to draw panel 2. Because that blanket IS amazing.

  2. Actually, the only card you have is a MCI Discover card so it doesn't work with Square. I took it to the only place that still accepts it, Piggly Wiggly, and bought a month's worth of groceries. I bought vodka mostly. That's all I bought.

  3. When I've been reading these last few comics, in my head I hear the maid using the voice of Consuela from Family Guy. 🙂

    • I was thinking about this earlier. I wonder if they see weirder shit lying around for comic cons or sex cons. Like an entire open suitcase full of harnesses and butt plugs is one thing, but a giant foam pokemon head and a bunch of duct tape is another.

      • Having been in situations similar to this, I've learned that it all blends together for them after a while.
        What stands out is either outright rudeness, or the lack of tipping when they have to clean up a toxic spill site.

        • If we ever have a hotel party at a convention that ends with 50 empty bottles in the room, 10 empty pizza boxes, several more unfinished pizzas and various other nonsense, I try to at lest pile everything in neat piles, stack the pizza boxes, put the bottles in a the bags they came in and leave a tip on the desk.

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