No Re-Entry

At least a dozen of you DEMANDED that I make a shirt based on this comic, SO I DID.


I also made you this super cute Adventure Time/Doctor Who shirt. GO BUY IT! 


I have 4 or 5 submissions for the Fancy Fan Art Contest. I NEED MORE! “But, Joel! I don’t know how to art!” you say? TOO BAD! YOU ARE NOT EXEMPT! Write a poem! Write a song! Bake a cake! Knit a scarf! The more creative the better! RULES, PRIZES AND DETAILS HERE. 


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      • It can be intimidating at first, but just chill and try to talk to people. The best thing is not to go with an attitude of trying to get the hottest lay. You are better off just trying to connect with people and let what happens, happen. Sure, there's douchballs just like everywhere else, but just be you and find people who are good with that.

        It's not a contest.

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