This is a 100% true story about the time my good friend, David Willis, gave me a boner with his brain. Well, technically he drew the cards with his hands, so… yeah, he basically straight up gave me a handy. Looks, all I know is he had a brain and some hands and then there was art and shame. What more is there in life? Absolutely nothing. You got your brainhands, and your artshame and that’s it.

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COMMENTERS: What could I possibly ask you relating to this topic that wouldn’t bring on a bunch of things I don’t actually want to know? How about this: Have you ever become a fan of a friend? This happens A LOT in my line of work, but have you ever known an artist or musician or pornographer or comedian in real life that you are now a genuine fan of outside of your friendship?


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  1. Well, my middle child's boyfriend has an absolutely awesome metal band, but I don't respond to them in quite the same manner as you did. 😉

  2. Yup! One of my best friends is a professional comics letterer. We met in a Transformers message board and I found his work on DeviantArt shortly thereafter. We've been friends ever since.

  3. my sister-in-law's been writing horror novels for a while, and while i initially bought her first book out of familial loyalty, it turns out she's good at the craft. which is a relief, since i've been faithfully buying her books ever since–even bought the first one twice, since when she was picked up by an amazon imprint they re-released it with additional content (seed, by ania ahlborn).

    what's really fun is i work at an amazon warehouse, so i can get a sneak peak at her new releases before they're officially being shipped.

  4. A friend of mine is an amateur director, actor, and musician, and he is amazing at all of them. I've helped him film some of his stuff in the past (mostly just parody stuff), and I've always been a big fan of his dedication to the arts.

  5. Mmm force choking the chicken… How Jedi get by on those long nights without love. Or long days… Pretty much anywhere really. Who's gonna know?

  6. Since I've started really throwing myself back into my own art i've been fortunate enough to spend a lot of time with some local artists I really like and a few of my friends are taking note from me and diving into their own work. I can say that I'm genuinely a fan of all of their works aside from being their friends.

    I feel more like the spiderman at the desk meme most of the time now. "You're all drawing insightful and detailed thing and I'm just sitting here drawing a 'Fart Super Computer…"

  7. I have a friend who I think is an amazing writer, she hasn't published anything yet but she wants to write novels and I will definitely be first in line to read them.

  8. I have a friend from high school that used to give me the feelings in my pants by her mere presence. She is now a great artist and has a series of unique oil landscape paintings.

    I still get a little excited thinking about her.

  9. Hey, I’m reading through the archive, I have no idea how many there are but you’ve got me by… whatever the brain version of “short and curlys” is so I’m in it for the long haul. But I’m having a problem where I can’t view the whole comic and the ‘next’ button at the same time. A lot of webcomics have a “click anywhere on the comic to view the next one” That would solve the problem entirely.

    I’m also going to jump on the patron list in a few months when I finish my last Paramedic Prac and am earning… whatever the paramedic equivalent of ‘sic cheddar’ is.
    Wish me luck and keep creating!

    Bede Moloney
    Brisbane, Australia.

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