The Bear And The Maiden Fair

[Actually published April 7th] Thank you, Fancy Bastards, for your patience. I’m playing catch up after a week of unexpected distractions. First their was a tornado/hail storm type of situation in my town. Luckily the tornado passed us over (just barely), but the hail storm gave our cars (and most likely our roof) a serious beating. So, after spending one night with my entire family in our master bedroom closet, we spent the next day talking to insurance companies, roofers and dent repair dudes. Then Kiddo got sick with a stomach bug, so now we’re on quarantine. It’s been a harrowing few days. Anyway, here’s a new comic. Another one will follow shortly (for “last week”), then (barring further tragedy) three more for “this week.”

As per my contract with the Patreon Patrons among you, I owe you three comics each week (nearly FOUR now!), some video blogs, some ebooks, and some hangouts starting this month. I plan to make good on all of those promises.


Calgary Expo 2014

I will be at Calgary Expo as part of Cyanide & Happiness. It’ll be me and Rob Denbleyker doing stick figure dick sketches, and I’ll also have some HE prints and maybe shirts.

COMMENTERS: Do you have an annual travel destination event that you have to attend? A convention, a conference, a sexcapade, a confluence of like-minded people?

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  1. Even though I'm a Bear myself, I've never been to a Bear Event in my whole 35 years, much less set foot in a Bear bar. Sad, I know.

    I'm glad you and your family are safe, Joel. Hope your kiddo gets better soon!

    I'm already tossing you $10 a month on Patreon, but if it means an extra strip per week, I might find room in my budget to throw in a few bucks more (but not too much – I just bought a PS4 and inFamous Second Son. HOLY SHIT THAT GAME IS AWESOME!)

  2. Since my job revolves mostly around FileMaker I tend to hit the FileMaker DevCon most years although last year I substituted a trip the Big Nerd Ranch to learn a bit of iOS coding.

    This year the SO and I are headed for The Amazing Meeting for the first time, perhaps that could become a personal regular event. 😀

  3. Mine used to be the Archon Sci-Fi convention in St. Louis, MO every year in October. My group of friends and I were known as The Singing Vikings, and could be found every Saturday night singing The Moose Song.

    We also had an larger than life sized R2D2 soda cooler on wheels that I'm *pretty sure* was stolen from a gas station. We re-named him R2DWI and he carried an entire bar worth of alcohol around with us as we roamed from room party to room party in the hotel.

  4. This is the first year I'm starting to do conventions with my own work and not as an employee of another booth or fan-group. I'm mainly just sticking to the conventions between Austin and San Antonio, which there seems to be a wide variety. I've never really had an annual destination unfortunately. Such is the life of the hermit, i suppose.

  5. Well, 10 days into april and we're already getting nothing but excuses. Joel is getting $1200+ from us and is not coming through with his word. This is why Patreon/Kickstarter sites are awful because they take your money and don't have to honor their promises.

    • I was waiting for this post to turn into some sort of joke because it's like a poster for the douchebag archetype. So, well done there, I guess. But you're being an asshole. You're probably that guy that gets mad at restaurants when his food isn't ready in six minutes because he doesn't understand that sometimes shit happens. Great job bringing society down as a whole, dude.

    • Please, if you are supporting me through Patreon, PLEASE cancel. I don't want YOUR money, and I don't want you as a reader. Seriously, don't let the internet hit you in the ass on the way out.

      • The guy may have been rude, but he does make a point. Promises were made, money exchanged. I'm sure you wouldn't appreciate people saying they would pay you and then not doing so. The better way to reply to him would have been with a decent response.

        • I'm supporting Joel via Patreon, and I'm completely OK if there are a few hiccups along the way. I understand that shit happens (like natural disasters and sickness), and I also realize that in the scheme of things, I'm not going to die or suffer grievous bodily harm if his comic arrives a day late because he had to take his daughter to the ER.

          After years of providing us free entertainment, and being such an awesomely nice guy, I'm willing to give Joel some leeway and not act like a shit towards him because his comic was posted on Tuesday morning instead of Monday afternoon.

  6. I have two yearly pilgrimages to make. Between late February and early April, San Francisco's Moscone Convention Center plays host to the Game Developers Conference, where Silicon Valley's best and brightest show off their wares, game studios show off new tech and upcoming projects, and I look for a job with one of those guys. On Memorial Day weekend, I go to San Jose's Fanime Con, to see talented artists display their work, gawk at imported models and wall scrolls I can't possibly afford, find new or classic series playing in the video rooms, talk to women in the skimpiest of outfits, and egg on the religious protesters who shout at us from outside the McEnry Convention Center. Good times had by all!

  7. Pennsic!! (Annual medieval-ish 2 week long nerd party) Thousands of people in armor, so much fighting, so much singing, so many classes! (And so much drinking…..)

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