Grizzly Mens

[Actually published on 04/10/14] Life has been kicking my ass a bit for the last couple of weeks. A week ago my family and I were huddled in a closet during a tornado warning (which touched down EXTREMELY near my house), then a hail storm smashed both of our cars to shit, and now it turns out it also claimed our roof, which needs to be replaced. THEN I drew this comic and my laptop died before I could export the final file. THEN my wife’s hard drive died. Nothing to really freak out over, but it’s been a trying week to say the least, and thus my comic productivity and patience have suffered. I’ll be playing catch up all weekend, and will do my very best to get three new comics up for the week of 4/14/14 and three MORE new comics up for the following week.

Then I’m going to Calgary Expo with Cyanide & Happiness!


Speaking of Cyanide and Happiness, we have a new short up where I did some writing and play the dentist.

I did a guest comic for my friend Angela, because her husband drove a bicycle down a mountain the wrong way.

I wrote a blog post about how my Patreon is going and when to expect the rewards I’m working on right now.


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  1. "I'm there, I'm a bear"…………….

    Well, Joel made me laugh my ass off right off the bat once again. That's not how multi-panel comics are supposed to work!!!

    You bastard!

  2. If Eli was gay, then his motto would most definitely be "I'm here, I'm queer, there's a ton of beer, get used to it."

  3. "You know, lately Joel's comics have all be about family and lighthearted comedy and comic conventions.. I think it's time to read Hijinks Ensue with my ki-OH DEAR GOD"

    * No actual children were exposed to Hijinks ensue in the making of this comment.

  4. Wow, I hope your next week is MUCH better than this one was.

    The comic is fantastic, as usual, but the killer this time is the alt text. 😀

    • Indeed. You get in an interior space where there are no windows and you are as close to structural walls as possible. Closets and bathrooms are usually preferable in Texas since we don\’t have basements.

    • I posted a photo from my in-laws rv park where they stay when they come to visit and the tornado was maybe a mile or two from them before it changed directions.

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