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My Patreon is just past $1200! That’s amazingly insane! 3 comics a week (M/W/F) starts for real on April 1st! At $1500, you will be forcing me to do FOUR HE comics a week, and I am OK (if not somewhat apprehensive) with that.


David and I will be at booth #1412 right next to Cyanide & Happiness! More info about the con AND MY AWESOME PANEL THAT YOU MUST ATTEND in THIS BLOG POST!

I drew this for you on Thursday, on a plane from Dallas to Seattle, then I finished it in a Seattle hotel room. Somewhere in between I got drunk at a cartoonist party on Rootbeer and Rum, a Dark And Stormy and some sort of honey liqueur. That last one was like if bees vomited whiskey and it was awesome.  Now I’m getting ready for bed, flanked by no less than two and not more than two hundred sleeping, somewhat honey-drunk cartoonists. I’ll do the final count in the morning. I bet it ends up being somewhere in between.

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    • We are currently sitting in a hotel room, in our jammies while David lulls me to sleep by reading the WTF Fan Fiction Tumblr.

  1. One of the many cool things about this strip… is the first panel stands on its own. (Could be a tshirt! )

  2. Sometimes I wonder if discovering coffee beans may well have been humanitys biggest mistake. I've never met a single coffee drinker who wasnt a surly monster until they get their fix. Of course, the same goes for any stimulant, so lets just blame biology for now.

    • I prefer to think that, if coffee had never been invented, we would have remained surly monsters. Just think how much EVEN WORSE society would be without coffee!

  3. I can function most days without coffee, assuming I don't have to leave the house/interact with other people. But seeing as I have class and/or work at my university 6 out of 7 days, coffee it is. Though I usually stick to coffee made at home, to further avoid people as long as possible pre-coffee.

    I'm torn on who to side with in this comic though. Like Dave, not fond of confrontation. But the people who make the "hurry up" noises suck. The worst I've ever encountered were the ones at the grocery store self-checkout, who also start slowly moving their cart in closer to you, while you're still in the process of paying.

  4. "History's greatest monster", really? For declining to help out a confused old man? Yeah, that really puts people like Hitler and Stalin in their place. All they did was kill millions of people.

    Methinks someone has a greatly exaggerated notion of his place in history. 😎

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