SUPR8 Or Die

No amount of Reese’s Pieces will stop him from cutting a swath of snarling destruction through Ohio. That’s why we have gathered this elite team of scientists, engineers and choclatiers to construct the largest Reese’s Piece the world has ever known… and smash him to death with it.

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If you didn’t see the trailer for J.J. Abrams Super 8 before Iron Man 2 this weekend, I can only assume you didn’t see Iron Man 2 this weekend which must also mean that you are recently deceased. My condolences to your family.

Anyway, the trailer for Super 8 leaked online about 4 seconds after the first midnight IM2 showing but has sense been scrubbed from the YourTubes. As of this exact moment you can still find it HERE (and elsewhere I am sure). Not much to report at this point other than, “looks neat, show me more”.

Regarding my “theory” above, 1979 is 4 years before the events of E.T. The Extraterrestrial so the timeline is perfect. Also you would be remiss to ignore the classic SciFi trope in which the first horrible alien we me (original E.T.) is just a baby, and it’s the momma horrible alien (our locomotively incarcerated friend up there) you really have to worry about. Post your thoughts and theories in the comments!


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  1. I've long had thoughts about a BSG-style remake of ALF. It would be SO awesome. However, I am of the opinion that Super 8 will be, like Cloverfield, an original property, not a remake, reboot, prequel, reimagining, or prequel.

    • You said prequel twice. And since JJ and his crew are fond of hiding clues in plain sight, I can only assume you are part of some subtle "viral marketing" thing, right?

      I'm right, aren't I?

      • No. For rhetorical effect, I was trying to construct that sentence with all my "re-" words before the "and". I simply forgot to delete the first prequel from the sentence.

    • That's really not all bad an idea. However, instead of Earth we must use some sort of "Planet of the Cats" and the Melmackians are some kind of "saucer jockey gone wrong crash landing" or the scouting party of an invading force. They run out of rations, discover that the indigenous life forms taste good with marshmallows and hot sauce and then rampage around, stealing kittens from cribs.

      Bonus points if we can work in some "LOL"-isms. Then again, they'd probably give the script to M. Night.

  2. I haven't seen the teaser yet, so I can't be sure, but 1979 would put it smack in the middle of "Eight is Enough."

  3. It will evidently be an alternate universe version of Steven Spielberg's Close Encounters of the Third Kind, with a self referential 4th wall demolishing plot.
    In an alternate reality, a nobody by the name Steven Spielberg made contact with aliens and filmed it all on Super 8. The aliens where peaceful enough, like the ones on Close Encounters of the Third Kind, but as it turns out, some footage of a certain piece of alien technology opens a rift in the continuum each time it's played, calling forth an invisible, but physical, mind eating entity. The government acquired the footage, but while studying it they let the creature came trough, hence the whole area 51 being closed and the footage being transported to Ohio. When discovered, the entity plots to cross over to our universe because it senses the existence of the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind and plans to use it, to this end It sends the super 8 footage to our universe's 1975, so that Spielberg can find it and use it on his movie. The alternate Spielberg is dragged inadvertently into our universe by the entity after it kills this reality's Spielberg following the completion and premiere of Close Encounters of the Third Kind. So the alternate Spielberg takes the place of the local one and has to fight the entity that is on the loose.

  4. After seeing the trailer online I stood on my chair, pointed at my monitor and yelled "Star Trek meets Jurassic Park!"

    Then my milk came via the nozzle.

  5. We were running late to see Iron Man 2 yesterday and this was the only trailer we saw. My brother and I looked at eachother and went ‘E.T. phoned home and he’s PISSED’.

  6. The Super 8 trailer made me think it was some sort of sequel to Close Encounters, but I can see it as a prequel to Cloverfield.

  7. After the crap that was Cloverfield and Indiana Jones 4, Abrams and Speilberg aren't going to get me to rush to see this anytime soon.

  8. If the comic is correct, Super 8 would probably make up for the money that I spent as a kid going to see E.T. instead of just seeing Tron again.

    Other than that, "Super 8" just reminds me that somewhere in my basement an old movie camera is gathering dust.

  9. Looks like a Buddy cop film to me. The detectives, one is called Super 8 (also his catch phrase), fight aliens from another planet with comedic results.

  10. Dude, I am actually somewhat concerned that you may be right. My first thought after seeing that title pop up however, was of the black and white early 60s anime: 8th Man, one of the ancient intellectual properties I was somehow raised watching.
    There was actually an episode of 8th Man where a giant robot burst out of a train.

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