SUPR8 Or Die

No amount of Reese’s Pieces will stop him from cutting a swath of snarling destruction through Ohio. That’s why we have gathered this elite team of scientists, engineers and choclatiers to construct the largest Reese’s Piece the world has ever known… and smash him to death with it.

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If you didn’t see the trailer for J.J. Abrams Super 8 before Iron Man 2 this weekend, I can only assume you didn’t see Iron Man 2 this weekend which must also mean that you are recently deceased. My condolences to your family.

Anyway, the trailer for Super 8 leaked online about 4 seconds after the first midnight IM2 showing but has sense been scrubbed from the YourTubes. As of this exact moment you can still find it HERE (and elsewhere I am sure). Not much to report at this point other than, “looks neat, show me more”.

Regarding my “theory” above, 1979 is 4 years before the events of E.T. The Extraterrestrial so the timeline is perfect. Also you would be remiss to ignore the classic SciFi trope in which the first horrible alien we me (original E.T.) is just a baby, and it’s the momma horrible alien (our locomotively incarcerated friend up there) you really have to worry about. Post your thoughts and theories in the comments!


Monsters Inc 2 Parody Boo Print

Expertly colored by Silkspinner from Complex Actions, who you may also remember from THIS GUEST COMIC.

$15 + shipping.
Printed at 11″X17″ on high quality stock.
Suitable for framing.