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The JoCo Cruise Crazy 3 Fundraiser signed, numbered, limited print is up for sale!  Around 20/100 are already gone. I am also offering 11×17 Prints of some of my most popular comics/images and packs of themed comics for this fundraiser. As Jack said, “WE HAVE TO GO BACK TO THE BOAT!” or island… or whatever.

Info about and holiday shipping deadlines for various HE-type merchandise IS HERE.

My house is an asshole factory that exclusively produces cats. One of our top of the line models is Replay (pictured above). I watched him do exactly what you see in this comic not but a few months ago. He is a horrific dickhead. Not to be outdone, our other ass…cat, Tivo (he hates commercials and nearly everything else except for my wife), often stick his head in hit litter box while shitting right on the floor. That’s the cat equivalent of walking into a public restroom, saying, “Yup. Smells like shit,” dropping your pants and making dump times right next to the paper towel dispenser. When he was younger he would eat long pieces of string (say from a balloon) and sometime in the next day or two he would exit his litter box dragging poop sausages behind him. When they became detached me called them “poopchucks.”

The point is, cats are terrible assholes.

COMMENTERS: Is your cat a terrible asshole? How so? If you say they aren’t I’ll just know that A) You’re lying or B) You don’t have a cat and/or have never seen a cat.

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