Spore DRaMa

Turns out gamers don’t like it when games, like Spore, give their computers digital herpes. I know a big part of the overwhelmingly negative reviews on Amazon are driven by “metooism” amoung young gamers that just want something to bitch about, but haven’t publishers already learned their lesson about DRM? The inevitable negative feedback will certainly harm sales more than piracy. At one point Amazon deleted all the reviews, then restored them. Undaunted, EA plans to continue their “we hate our customers” strategy well into the future.

If you are new to HijiNKS Ensue, you might not know about the HE Podcast. Check it out. In the most recent episode (Episode 28 which is probably not uploaded as of this writing but will be shortly) you can learn Josh’s thoughts on Spore’s DRM, find out what the HE crew thought of “Fringe,” learn exactly how hard Eli’s parents party and oh so very VERY much more.

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  1. "Karaokestan" ftw.

    I know you've tagged it "josh dies," but panel 4 looks like it might be a good time, depending on one's … er … proclivities. Not that I've ever … p'r'aps I've said too much.

  2. Steam doesn't run on OSX … and Spore currently does.

    I'm not happy about the horror stories I hear about DRM, but I'll believe the "DRM f*cks up your computer" claims when I see it. In fact, if someone wants to point me toward a DRM horror story link, feel free.

  3. What….. happened to his clothes..
    I only ask because as far as my girlfriend knows the same thing happened to me that one time. Not so much with the tentacles, but more with a box of tissues..

  4. http://news.cnet.com/Sony-recalls-risky-rootkit-C

    Sony and BMG had huge issues not too long ago with a rootkit-based DRM exposing computers to major security vulnerabilities. And these were on audio CDs! If I'm not mistaken, Spore also uses a rootkit-based DRM solution. Rootkits are very very bad for your computer because they work at the most basic levels of your operating system. They're a major pain in the neck to find and remove without risking screwing up your system.

  5. OK, just so I know what 2 avoid, what IS DRM, & why duz it suck? Will it mutate my computer into some kind of parasite like it did 2 Josh?

  6. Digital Right Management is a tool used my the MPAA the RIAA and software publishers to restrict what you can do with your media. In some cases they choose to install malicious software on your computer that can be potentially harmful.

  7. To put it a way my mother would understand, Apple iTunes is the best example. The music you buy is in a file format that can't be used in any other program but iTunes and Apple hardware. Thats DRM. MP3 is a "open" format. When you get an mp3 file, you can play it anywhere you want to on any device you want to.

    With Spore and other games, your only allowed to install the game three times, then it goes dead and will not work again without calling EA and begging for another activation. Its when someone else has control over a product you purchased.

  8. I'm a little surprised at Josh's almost startled glare – I would've thought he'd be up for a little Hentai action, or does he just give totally the wrong impression of himself on the podcasts 😉

  9. If there are Spore penismonsters, there just HAVE to be hentai tentaclemonsters. I submit this as a mathematical fact. Someone go find out for me.

  10. I KNEW you would do real tentacle rape! Others may have thought you were joking when you mentioned noodley appendages and Josh together, but I kept the faith!

  11. Haha, this is great. Gay tentacle porn. The little touches like the tears in the last panel are what make your comic great.

    DRM is like gun control, worse than useless

  12. So the DRM is still in Spore? I was told that they relented and took it out towards the end of the game's development. If it is still in there, I might have to mark it off my wish list.

  13. DRM has been done to death. I'm amazed that any content owner is still willing to go near the stuff. Also, I hear it damages troop morale. TRUMP CARD!!11ONE (that one still works, right?)

  14. Oh, it's pretty skeevy, alright. But you're not alone in your skeeviness (skeevishness?)

    And I believe the proper term is male tentacle surprise sex.

  15. I'm one of those poor fucks with *exactly* the wrong type of MacBook to run Spore.. At first I was miserable 'cause I'd waited what feels like decades for Spore..
    But now? I'm feeling kinda lucky I dodged the bullet of dealing with this bullshit.

    These grapes? ..Tangy, not sour in the slightest.

  16. Well after years of internet access and the fact that I happen to like hentai, the second I saw the tentacles and Josh with no clothes I just assumed that you went (no pun intended) balls deep on the tentacle porn reference.

  17. EA decided to put Crysis and Crysis:Warhead on Steam. Maybe it will choose to do the same with Spore? Steam is the only DRM system that has been executed in a decent way, even if it isn't without its faults here and there.

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