A Phenomenon Known As “J.J. Vu”

Even though I’ve never seen A.L.I.A.S., Josh tells me it had the same undertones. Maybe Felicity did too. It was, after all, about time travel. Maybe J.J. Abrams only has the one idea. Regardless I am going to stick around for Fringe and see where it goes. The pilot got me interested and the follow up episode that aired last night, while not stellar, managed to keep me interested. I am still “take it or leave it” at this point.

Check out HE Podcast # 28 (around 02:09:30) to hear our complete opinions on the pilot, the show’s concept, its chances for survival and why Josh hates it so much.

You can also voice your own opinion on Fringe in this Fancy Bastard Forum thread. If you haven’t already joined the FBF, feel free to do so NOW! Only a couple of rules: 1) Don’t be a jerk to anyone ever 2) Don’t be hateful to anyone ever 3) Debate but do not argue or attack 4) Have geeky fun

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  1. Because judging from the comments, this will henceforth be known as "the hair comic", I'll add my two cents.

    Seems to me that Josh's hair simply migrated over to Eli. I'm thinking alien symbiote.

  2. I saw the 1st 2 ep's & it already makes way more sense than lost. Plus the back-n-forth between the super-scientist dad & son is really funny. Whoever they're working 4 kinda makes me think of a lesser version of the B.P.R.D.

  3. I hate JJ Abrams because everything he touches eventually turns into a convoluted piece of shit. Its like he doesnt know how to stop himself.

  4. I hate JJ Abrams so much. Felicity? Down the tubes after two years. Alias? He left that after two years to go to Lost, which he left after two years to go do Mission Impossible 3. And then he did CLOVERFIELD which, um. 'Nuff said. Now he's touching STAR TREK and putting Zachary Quinto in it, who's only claim to fame is scowling and having the biggest eyebrows KNOWN from here to the 23rd century.

    Alias isn't an acronym, either.

  5. I'm sure Fringe is a good show, but there are just way too many shows on right now. It's hard enough to keep up with the shows that I already like; I don't have time to get into another one.

  6. Works every time, doesn't it? What's so funny about blood, anyway? It really shouldn't be funny, but it is. It's like when someone farts and sneezes at the same time – pooping your pants isn't funny, but it is.

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  8. Im just glad I'm not the only one that wears the same exact clothes I was wearing +4 years ago.

    On another note not at all related to this, I almost pounded my aunts face into a jelly, today, like 40 mins ago. But it would have been for a good reason, she made me miss the first hour of Sunny. Well not the whole hour, the last 40 mins but still, she would have deserved it and I would have loved it. So instead of TWO FULL HOURS of Sunny, I now get 1 hour 20 mins.

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