Brothers in Arms Comics #1 and #2 are in stores!

Last time I mentioned the Brothers in Arms comics, they were only available for pre-order. Now issues 1 and 2 are in your local comic shop waiting for you.

For those not in the know, Brothers in Arms is the Gearbox Software game franchise that both Josh and Eli have worked on (as level designer and artist/art lead respectively), I voice acted in, and our friend Mikey wrote. Mikey, who also design the current HijiNKS Ensue website, also wrote the comics which are published by Dynamite.

You can buy issues 1 and 2, and pre-order issues 3 and 4 HERE.


Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway Comic Book Presale

I’m in a comic book! Sort of (not really).

There is a such thing as a video game. And in that realm of that product that have what we, in the internet, call a WWII FPS MMPORGOMGWTFBBQ. The best of these is a series called “Brothers in Arms” produced by Gearbox Software. They are currently developing the third installment, “Hell’s Highway” (originally titled “Brothers in Arms: Life’s a Beach…Stom It!“)

I care about this:

A) Because every single person I know in the world (including the characters in this webcomic who are NOT me…and not Tom Cruise) is hard at work this very minute making it all happen, and
B) I’m in all three games

In the “Brothers in Arms” series, I play Pvt. Michael Garnett. Garnett dies in the first game, but the circumstances of his death are shrouded in mystery, and possibly shame, and possibly unsportsmanlike conduct. In the second game Garnett shows back up as a zombie time traveler, reanimated by the Nazi’s. Not really, but that would be cool. In “Hell’s Highway” you may finally learn the secrets of his death and who is responsible (I know, but I’m not telling).

My good friend, Mikey, is the writer for all three games and now a comic book title based on the game. This comic looks fucking slick (especially issue 5 which deals with Garnett’s backstory). Even though you can’t hear my voice in the comic, you should think of me when you read it. I asked if we could have those interactive comics, like in “Big,” but Mikey said that was just a movie. Mikey is also the voice of Cpl. Corrion (who doesn’t die in the first game). We might podcast the comics reading only our parts, pausing for the rest (so you can read along) and making tank noises.

The comic is up for preorder here:


The thing that sets this franchise apart from EVERY OTHER WWII shooter is the story. Each and every character has a unique personality, friendships, families and a reason to try and survive (most of them don’t). When you play the game you get lost in the story. You try and keep your men alive, not to get to the next mission, but to make sure your friends don’t die (they die anyway). Playing the game is a sobering experience. It’s confusing, chaotic, and terrifying. It feels like war.

The narrative, the graphics, the whole experience of these games is top shelf. Do yourself a favor and preorder the comic, play the games and rest easy in the knowledge that sometimes when you hear “GET DOWN!” or “KRAAAUUUTS!” it’s me, saying “Hi.”

Doki Doki Prog Rock?

Drummer drumming to Super Mario 2 music


That was awesome.

About a decade ago (in highschool) my friend Justin and I had this idea that we would start a rap group where we spit (hot fire) rhymes over remixed classic video game music. Our names were D. Bugg Mode and ….(help me out, Justin) DJ I-Triple-E 1394? Something like that. For a while I was also Dirty Jesus X. Anyway. It was a fantastic idea and much like every great idea I had in the 90’s, we talked about it for a year and never did shit. Theres not really a point to that story. Just remenesing.Continue reading

I drove someone to attempted murder

From the Giz: Teen Strangles Father with Gamepad Cable

One can only assume the murder weapon was a Wiimote + Nunchuck combo. As soon as I read that I thought of this comic:


Then everyone had the same thought. A commenter on Gizmodo linked to the aforementioned comic (Hi, Giz readers. Thanks for checking out the comic!), thenĀ  Josh IM’ed me to make sure I knew my part in the almost-slaying.

I guess if this becomes a trend we can assume that Rock Band and all its wires are inherently more dangerous than Guitar Hero III.