A Few Minor Bugs

Josh is ever the early adopter. He’s the perpetual volunteer technology guinea pig, especially where iDevices and Apple operating systems are concerned. Most times the only consequences he has to endure for his enthusiasm are a couple of “restores from backup” or maybe a total factory reset. Other times he ends up with no skin. Still, I bet he enjoyed that new panorama feature in iOS 6 at least once or twice before he was flayed.


If you ordered the Lil’ Wil plushie, the order page has been updated with an estimated delivery date (to us) of November. Once they’re in hand, they’ll start shipping from Blind Ferret out to you.

Speaking of Blind Ferret and Wil Wheaton, they’re all at Montreal Comiccon this weekend.

You can find my shirts and books at the Blind Ferret Booth (506 and 508). If sales are good when I’m not even there, I might try to come to the show next year. Canada is always incredibly expensive to get to (from Texas) and to stay in, but it’s also always a blast.

COMMENTERS: Are you a firmware hacker, a jailbreaker a boot loader or a rom flasher? Or are you a skittish software installer like me who waits for the OS cookies to be fully baked and cooled before biting into them? Any particular triumphs or horror stories? Back in the days of dumb phones when dumb phones were JUST starting to get smarter I had a Symbian OS Nokia. It was the first phone I’d ever even held that you could install apps on. I think they were all java apps that random dudes coded in their basements and uploaded to usenet, but they were MORE than what I paid for which was neat. The phone also shared the same internals as the Nokia N-gage (Taco Talkin’ Time!), so I was able to load 1 or 2 N-gage games at a time onto the flash card. Games that were impossible to play without a proper D-pad. Still, it was pretty neat.

Every Kiss Begins With BRAAAAAINS!

Preorder HijiNKS ENSUE Book 2!!!Much like my previous illustrated offering, the art from this comic was taken from one of my holiday cards. I will be running similar filler comics for the rest of the week so I can spend the X-mas holiday times with my family and work on the book.


If you already preordered book 2 as a gift for someone else, I have provided you a handy, printable [right-click, save as] “No Really, I Got You Something” card to give to that lucky person.

HUMANS: Take note, that you may hide from your terrible family’s deep within your earbuds this weekend by taking advantage of this free episode of the HijiNKS Ensue Podcast.

I Yam What I Yam, And That’s All What I Yam

Quick, you Fancy Bastards! You have less than 24 hours to hide from your miserable families! NO! Don’t hide there! That’s the first place they’ll look! Make haste! Burry yourself under a mountain and wait out the forced interaction with people you moved extremely far away from as soon as you had the means!

HijiNKS ENSUE British Knights Shirt at Topatoco I am officially starting “The War On Thanksgiving.” For starters I’m taking out the “Thanks” because to assume everyone you encounter is of the Thankful persuasion is bigoted and small minded. Feel free to use my newly coined phrase “Xgiving.” You may also wear buttons or ribbons that say “NO THANKS.” If nothing else this will at least confuse your relatives and keep them from talking to you over this long and arduous weekend of feigned interest, false pleasantries and familial responsibility.

NEWS: Holiday Shipping deadlines for the HE Store have been posted. PURCHASE! PURCHASE EVERYTHING NOW AND ALSO FOREVER!

COMMENTERS: Fill in the details of the first Hobo Thanksgravy story or any Thanksgravv tale thereafter. Also, over the holiday weekend you may post your “War on Thanksgiving” thoughts on Twitter with the #xgiving and #nothanks hash tags.

Adventures In Spelunkery


I will have giant prints of the Austin-Inspired BBQ Comic!

Being found with your dick stuck between two rocks while pantsless cave exploring is the new being found in the closet with your balls tied up and a belt around your neck. As soon as one celebrity does it (probably Charlie Sheen) they’ll all jump on the bandwagon.

This comic gets a “Josh Dies” tag because… come on. There’s no way he cuts his dick off. Panels 4-260 would just be 3 days of Josh making sweet, craggy love to those boulders until he died of dehydration or his furious passion-pounding caused a cave in. Let’s say it was both. Simultaneously.

Ewok Stare Shirt

Emerald City Comicon

Emerald City Comicon, you have stolen my heart… and perhaps some of my bone marrow. This was by far the most fun (and most profitable) con I’ve ever done. I actually brought about half the books and shirts that I should have. I WILL be back next year for sure. Look for me and Angela in a booth of sorts.

My next con will be Comicpalooza in Houston, TX, March 26-28. Come see me or I will… still have a fun time. Just not with you.

This “comic” is adapted from a commissioned sketch I did for Kitty at ECCC. When I get a sketch request like “please draw Josh vs. a Jedi octopus” my initial internal reaction is something like, “are you just fucking with me?” Then I start to see the inherent challenge and look at it as a… well, a challenge. A beast to be tamed. And tame it I did. Look how tame it is! With Josh and the sea creature and light sabres and struggling and futility and such.

In addition to hanging out with my awesome webcomics friends and making a few new ones, I finally got to meet Wil Wheaton in person. We’ve emailed back and forth a few times but it was nice to see him in meat space. He has a firm handshake that says “I am not Wesley. And don’t be a dick.” I introduced myself and he looks at another guy in the booth and says “this is the guy I was telling you about that does the webcomic and made those Edward shirts.”

So yeah, Rest Of My Life, you’re going to have to try pretty hard to top this weekend.