Requiem for a Robocop

Comic-Con ’08 Revelations Pt. 3

There’s also a tunnel of light that probably represents a vagina or something.

Aronofsky certainly wouldn’t have been the first name that came to mind when someone mentioned “Robocop.” He’s a fine director to be sure, but arty as the day is long. Each of his films has a very distinctive artistic visual style, which would certainly benefit any sci-fi franchise, but I don’t slot him as an action story teller. That’s probably a good thing. He might be able to take Robocop away from puns and explosions and move it into more of a “Dark Knight” direction of realism and… darkness… and knights.

I wonder how often that conversation is being had in Hollywood right now.
“The project is a mockumentary about florists staring Parker Posey and the dad from American Pie, but gritty… like the Dark Knight.”
“We’ll take two!”

I assumed not enough of you had seen “Pi,” so I left out the RabbiCop jokes.

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  1. To educate the young'uns of today that are a generation behind who may have missed out on something great the first time around. I don't see what the concern is–we've done such things before. What with the live action Scooby Doo and Flintstones movies, American Gladiators being revamped, plus anything non-Mummy related that Brendan Fraser has starred in.

    The list goes on, but I think you get my point. This a long-standing and proud American tradition–do something right the first time, then come back to it years later and do it again to the point of nearly (or ultimately) killing the franchise. 😉

  2. Having never seen any of the films this comic is based on other than Robocop the only thing that comes to mind when I hear Requiem for a dream is ass to ass. So I was expecting to see a comic starring Robocop, ED209 and a huge black dildo.

  3. "Fraser actually acting."
    And he's pretty pretty, too!

    Helps to be working with Ian McKellen, who's pretty great whether he's Magneto, Gandalf, or James Whale.

    Lots of Whale's movies are must-sees: Frankenstein and Bride of F, Invisible Man, and for something completely different (yet also wonderful), Show Boat

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