It’s Hardly Noticeable

This comic is a combination of the problems Josh and I had this weekend. Josh, for the first time ever, tried to use the HDMI cable connection on the 50″ 1080P Samsung LCD TV he bought over a year ago and realized it had probably been fucked all along. I actually had a dead pixel on my Wacom Cintiq drawing tablet (which is basically a small monitor that you draw on with a pen stylus).

I did some research on how to fix dead or “stuck” pixels and the options ranged from easy to adventurous. The scary method involved using a screw driver and a rag to “massage” the pixel back into working order. No joke. I’m sure if that didn’t work I would be advised to “caress” it with a brick wrapped in newspaper. Luckily, the simple option was to run a Java applet that flashed every color in the rainbow on and off 100 times a second, which worked splendidly. The seizures it produced were spectacular, though I regret biting off my tongue as that I used it frequently to speak and enjoy ice cream.

Things to look out for this week:

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  1. Yes. Yes it will. I have one stuck pixel that will not be un-stuck. I am this close to selling my monitor on ebay and buying a new one. I've only had it for 4 months. It consumes me.

  2. Well, unless Josh is Canadian–which lord help him, I can only pray that he is not. -Not living in Texas anyway. A Gaynadian, for instance. I can't see that many "ay's" carrying smoothly in the course of conversation. And while my mechanics are trash, grammatically, I can't imagine it works. The difference between, "…so much a for a tv…" and, "…so much for a tv…"

  3. Totally just fixed a stuck pixel on a friend's brand new monitor by poking it a few times with the tail end of a grape Blow Pop. =3

  4. I put my nintendo DS Lite in my pocket with my wallet. I've got like… 40 dead pixels around the outside of the top screen. I never see them unless the screen goes black, but I know they're always watching.

  5. I say the best way to get rid of dead pixels is to revive him with CPR!
    If that doesn't work you can 'gently' shoot it with a shotgun, that will get rid of the pixel … and half of your screen.

  6. Lord! -The burn-in! It kills me that airports spent All of that money to look hi-tech, and now half the flight status displays are illegible because the static fields are totally trashed. It's like a holocaust on tiny little fluorescent bulbs.

  7. Why would you want to? Sure, some pixels look different than others, but that one's ridiculous; you'd be doing yourself a solid not to be associated with it. The sooner it's out of your life, the better.

  8. One dead pixel is ok.
    You hardly see them if the resolution is in HD mode.
    Complaining about on broken pixel is typical for geeks.
    Normal people just accept that life is not as perfect as it is advertised.

  9. Oh my god. What is a fucking arrow doing there!
    So, I live in Wisconsin. One of our sports teams is the Milwaukee Brewers (they play baseball, for you non sports fans). From 1978-1983 this was their logo. Since this was the last time they were in the playoffs, this logo appears on a lot of retro merchandise.
    <img src=""&gt; (don't know if I can use html here, but the url is…)
    It's a baseball mitt. But it also contains the letters M and B in it, for Milwaukee Brewers. One of the girls I work with (who is not a casual Brewers fan) just found out like last week that there was an M and a B there.

  10. I had a dead pixel on my DS when I first got it. That motherfucker went back to the store to be exchanged. There is no way in hell I could've completed New Super Mario. Bros with it. I tried and my brain started bleeding.

  11. Excellent comic! In Joel's absence, Eli is taking Joel's role – finding Josh's sore spot and poking at it until the subject bleeds.

    "Das fencen switchen" Heh!

  12. That's such a pet peeve of mine. I know there's constructive criticism, but if you're gonna waste your time to comment on something that you hate without actually suggesting on ways to improve it, then what the hell is the point?

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