One Star

When you get bad service, it is your duty as a responsible consumer and a citizen of Earth to warn others. It’s just good manners. Here’s another one from a concerned and conscientious customer:

Bengie’s Boat Rental and Bate Shop

2 Stars

I would have loved to rate this establishment higher, but the unhelpful, combative staff and their “the customer is always wrong” policies just made it impossible. I simply cannot recommend this Fuck Club/24 Hour Horse Tranquilizer Rave to anyone in the Kink community. And I know the manager reads these reviews, so here’s a question, Bengie: If it’s NOT a fetish club, then how come there’s scuba gear hanging all over the walls, HUH?! Explain that one, smart guy.

Have you seen my wife’s geeky jewelry store, Science & Fiction? She’s got necklaces and earrings based on Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Star Wars, The Fibonacci Sequence, DNA, Pac-Man and lot’s more. CHECK. IT. OUT. 

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  1. So there’s not an option for a 0-star review? No, really. I wanna know if real sites like that have the option

  2. I wasted a great afternoon once reading the Yelp reviews of Chicago’s bathhouses. One Yelp user had made it his mission to review them all!

    I also want to say that “Bengie’s Boat Rental and Bate Shop” is the greatest name for a sex club of all time.

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