Singing My Nine Lives With His Words

The popular quantum physics thought experiment, Schrodinger’s Cat, goes thusly: Schrodinger would lock himself in a room with his cat, then pick it up and scream the theme from Magnum P.I. into his face (using only the word “kitty” of course). Now, until someone opened the door and observed Schrodinger’s face, it existed in both clawed off and not-clawed off but let’s face it probably clawed off states simultaneously.

Sharksploders: You do weird shit to your cats, right? C’mon. Of course you do.

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  1. See, I don’t watch enough TV to have that experience, I need to do my kitty songs free-form. No restraints, no limits to the number of times I can proclaim kitty. It’s like kitty-jazz or something.

  2. When TV theme songs are instrumental, I just make up words that have to do with the show’s theme.

    Buffy, she’s the slayer
    She fights vampires
    And sometimes kisses them
    She has friendddddds
    That help her ouuuuut
    (Buffy is the Vampire Slayer)

  3. If we had a cat, my husband would totally do this. Since we don’t, I just get serenaded with which ever show we are currently watching. Except Game of Thrones, then I get South Park’s version.

    Floppy wiener
    Floppy wiener
    Floppy wiener

  4. Mostly, our cats do weird stuff to US, and we let them (sleep with their faces pushed into ours, lick our chins to wake us up, use us as furniture…)

  5. I focus on the shows when I watch TV–mainly because no cats are bothering me–but I do play with them on the couch using only my food and a blanket whenever I can

  6. I sing to my cats, but usually just whatever music I’m listening to, karaoke-style (kitty-oke? or is that going too far?). My boyfriend is the one who makes up new lyrics to songs so they’re about cats. (If you have a pet whose name has the stress on the first syllable, “Fergalicious” works really well.) Although, he’s just big on parody in general – his and his best friend’s “Grills” parody is a masterpiece.
    My dad used to do that for my brother and I when we were little, too – we were raised on Weird Al, so I remember finding it odd the first time I met someone whose family didn’t do that.

    • I never wanted to mess with the character models for HE too drastically and I never gave comic Joel glasses or earrings since I would have to draw them all the time. Since I’ll only appear every once in a while in these comics, I don’t mind being more accurate. He’s still about 20 lbs lighter than I am.

      • I wouldnt worry, if webcomic artists had to draw themselves as they actually look, the panels would consist mostly of t-shirts with ironic prints trying to poorly cover a hairy beer gut

  7. Honestly, I think the weirdest thing I ever did with my cat (when I had one) was when I’d be lying on the couch and he’d lie on the floor directly beneath me, and sometimes I’d reach down and hold one of his forepaws in my hand. He’d allow that for a few minutes and then gently pull it away.spl

  8. I sing “Everything Is Milo” to the tune of “Everything Is Awesome” from the Lego Movie to my cat Milo. He starts meowing at me when I do, which I take as encouragement even though it’s quite obvious they are pitiful cries begging me to stop.

    • His math checks out. Completely unrelated, one time Randall and I were on a cruise ship and we got drunk and he drew me riding a meteor into Russia.

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