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Where can you go from there? Where? No where? Exactly.

Hooray for making comics with multiple obscure seemingly unrelated references that exactly not quite 5% of you will get [Kermit Arms]!!! This one has been in my idea file for a while and getting it out of my system will allow me to move on a healthier, more reader-accessible direction. I appreciate you bearing with me during this difficult time(y wimey).

If you are going to be at PAX this week, please go see my buddy Wil and get a signed poster based on our Three Wheaton Moon shirt. He will, at some point, be wearing the shirt and you will have a fleeting opportunity to bask in its majesty.

COMMENTERS: Are you as excited-pants as I am for the return of Doctor Who? [SPOILERS] You are not. [/SPOILERS]

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  1. Actually, I am just as excited-pants as you are, Joel. Maybe even more excited-pants than you! If my pants were any more excited for "Doctor Who", Law enforcement would have to be called in.

  2. Whenever I see the title of the comic you post on Twitter, I try to see if I can guess what the subject will be in the time it takes for the page to load once I click the link…This time I won! I beat the speed of internet! Which I guess is only impressive if you have really fast internet….mine is…medium…..Whatever. Yaaaay………
    Quite exciting, this computer magic.

  3. Not that long ago it seems our young Joel was just finding his way to The Doctor. He kept putting it off. And now, he's the biggest Doctor advocate I've 'met'.



  4. You're conversion from noob to Whovian has been a delight! I love this comic, and I am so very excited for the mid-season premier. Oh that River Song, whatever will she do next?

  5. The alt text made this one for me. Heh. And yeah, these pants are about excited-pants as pants get for "Let's Kill Hitler."

  6. Multiple references, you say? Hokay, we got the Doctor Who, and we got the Spinal Tap. Did I miss anything, or am I really just that close to the top of the nerd totem pole?

    Also, how can there be anything but a straight line all the way across the chart, somewhere slightly above the top of said chart, if the chart were charting everyone's excitement for an episode of Doctor Who titled "Let's Kill Hitler"? I mean, how does everyone not just simultaneously reach some theoretical above-maximum excitement point when Doctor Who (the show, not the Doctor) winds up in WWII proudly declaring that a quest to kill one of the most heinous war criminals in the history of war crime, sounds like a jolly good time, not some mission of grave importance.

    TL;DR, is it really possible for us to not all be equally super-mondo-mega-hyper excited?

  7. I think there should be a word for how excited fans of awesome things get when said awesome things are about to return from break/hiatus/new season. Excited just doesn't do the jubilant emotion justice.

    • Hiatus?! do not speak those words in the presence of Doctor who, we may end up with another 20 year show disappearance if you do

    • That's kind of how I imagine the Doctor's subconscious mind. That's why he sometimes looks really distracted. He's got 10 other selves shouting out witty one liners in there.

  8. I join the "I'm so proud our little geek finally found the Doctor" choir, it's good to have you on our side, delivering such wonderful strips!

    Okay, enough of cutesy mushiness, let's get on this Hitler-killing business!

  9. Thank you, Joel Watson for discovering the awesomeness of Doctor Who and transforming such awesomeness into your art. Every time you do, you make me laugh and a dalek dies a little inside.

  10. About Wil Wheaton wearing your shirt at PAX… can the universe contain the exponential awesome of FOUR Wheaton Moon? Or will it explode in a burst of majest-itude as predicted in the sacred texts? OR will our brains reflexively edit out one of the Wheaton heads so that we do not spontaneously combust in his presence? And if so, which one will disappear? And if so, will that translate to technology as well? Because I don't want to go home with a picture of me standing next to a headless torso wearing a Three Wheaton Moon shirt…

  11. JOEL! you have solved the mystery of the Doctor's door in the hotel in the last half of season 6! You have done what even us Whovians could not.

    I won't spoil anything, but
    just think back to this when you watch it.

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