“One Forty” (A Film By Paul Thomas Anderson)

“I… I didn’t realize I had gotten so many followers. I’m… sorry. So sorry.”


And scene.

I hate to admit it, but this Facebook movie, The Social Network, looks pretty good. I hate that there is a compelling story behind the creation of one of the main things I dislike about The Internet. Facebook is one of the nearly necessary evils that seems to foil your every attempt to find actual usability in it. It has unfeatures.

Since I used @nerdist in this comic I should ad least encourage you to listen to his podcast which I enjoy quite a bit. Comedy nerds and fans of people that make a living doing their own thing are sure to enjoy.

Commenters! Post more scenes from the Twitter movie why don’t ya?

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  1. INTERIOR: Darkened office. Our protagonist is making out with a female he's been pining after, but only has had a chance with after Twitter blew up. As he drunkenly clambers on top of her like some sort of sweaty pre-teen dry-humping his pillow, we see her, in a moment of pure inebriated bliss, is seen frantically jamming her fingers into the buttons on her phone.

    CLOSE-UP: Phone's screen. (NOTE: This is not a "smart phone", but something with a keyboard. Somewhat antiquated.) It reads in pixelated letters: "TO: Twitter, BODY: im sooopoo drink"

  2. The thing I'm most excited for about the movie is that it will hopefully get Mark Zuckerberg's doucheness out to the masses.

    • I read about some leaked IM's from back when facebook started where he called all the users "fucking idiots" for just giving him all their personal info and that he would share it with his friends whenever they wanted. The thing is, why would anyone expect him to act like a real businessman when all he ever was was a college douchespigot?

  3. Facebook may have unfeatures, but Twitter has always BEEN an unfeature to me. I've just never grasped the point of it for anyone who already has a real blog. And don't get me started on the people who use it as a replacement for RSS, although given that I still haven't found a program that can alert me to RSS updates in real time, RSS might have had it coming.

    Granted, I'd probably feel the same way about Facebook EXCEPT that it got started back when I was still in college, so I've wound up using it to keep up with my old college friends. And the occasional relative. I literally do not remember the email addresses of any of them, and thanks to Facebook I don't have to. I just have to hope they never stop using Facebook. Um…….. yeah. :/

    • The beauty of Twitter is the simplicity. It doesnt one thing and it does it well. Any new features are added by 3rd party companies. Twitter is basically a development framework. Now I agree that for a lot of people without a product or persona to promote, publishing on twitter makes little sense. Why post all your minutia if no one is going to read it? But for people in my situation who want to broadcast a bit of myself its a lot easier than saving up all the thoughts I want to share for a week and making one big blog post. I think for everyone else its a great tool to learn more about the comedians, celebs, musicians etc that they care about.

  4. Right there with ya regarding Facebook. Managed to ignore it completely and was quite proud of not being on there. Then got a message through them from an old friend, and the only way I seem to reply to her was to join up! >:o(

    Now despite all the crap that FB fires into my mailbox, I just stay away. Wanted to hate this film, but I *love* Jesse Eisenberg – he's like a non-annoying version of Michael Cera.

  5. Oo! In another scene of the trailer:

    Simon Peg: Look, I've been doing this a while I know what I'm Twatting about.
    Neil Patrick Harris: Oh shut up, Limey!
    Off Screen Voice: Gentlemen! Please!
    Cut to: Ashton Kutcher stepping into the light

  6. Unfortunately, my only Twitter: theMovie jokes can be stolen very easily from Penny Arcade.
    I distinctly remember a comic they had about Gabe Twitting about his dumps. Now imagine that in movie form.

    Although, I think the real winner of the Twitter contest is Craig Ferguson. Twitter gave him Geoff Peterson, in a roundabout way.

    And don't forget the scene from The View, talking about Twiggas. "No, Hasselbeck, that's OUR word."

    • Seeing as how this is written by Aaron Sorkin, does this mean that characters will endlessly repeat back entire sections of dialogue to each other in the form of a question.

      guy 1: Do you have the vendelson report?
      guy 2: Do I have the vendelson report?
      guy 1: Yes, do you have the vendelson report?
      guy 2: The vendelson report. Yes I do have that.
      guy 1: So you do have the vendelson report?

  7. I've only seen clips on ROFL (the Revision3 show), and heard bits and pieces of stand-up on his live podcasts. I love his podcast! I never thought I'd be interested in the inner-workings of comedy, but it happened.

  8. Can the Twitter movie have a scene where we learn that the origins of the Fail Whale involve an actual whale crushing Twitter's servers?

    Alternatively; the first time twitter goes down, Hardwick and friend sit in silence for a few minutes until the site goes back up.

    • I've always wondered if the fail whale is at all related to the part of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy where the missile turns into a sperm whale and falls through the sky.

      Probably not but that's what I always think of when it comes up.

      • ThinkGeek have a T-shirt which perpetuates this idea. I hadn't thought of the connection until I saw that shirt, then I was like…aw SWEET! It's a pretty…er pretty shirt.

  9. I accepted the DropBox thing and downloaded it. Thanks. It's a cool site. Hopefully it'll add to your storage space. Glad to help in any non-money way.

  10. Joined dropbox via your link. Hope it gave you some space.

    (So I'm late! Sue me! I just found this comic about 3 days ago!)

  11. If directed by Roland Emmerich a virus is upload via twitter tweet and this somehow results in a scene with a giant wave an even more giant Phail Whale that is about crush some main characters

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