Of Draculas And Candy Corn

Happy Halloween! Please do not smash my jack-o-lantern or murder my pets! Here, take some candy to stifle your Satan-fueled rage!

There is a new HijiNKS ENSUE Podcast. Episode 67 is ready to download for free. Vault subscribers can get the uncut version of the show (unedited and almost 2 hours long) and the post show as well.

I have good new for those of you interested in the British Knights shirt. It should be on sale this weekend or early next week. I will update this post with a link when it goes live. It looks fantastic and I am super proud of it.

Give Me the Coffee You Fairy Godmother

COMMENTERS: Are you dressing up this year? What are you going as? What’s the most inventive costume you’ve ever seen? What’s the worst “sexy _____” costume you’ve seen (i.e. sexy nurse, sexy iron man, sexy Obama, etc).

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  1. Dressing up for #w00tstock NYC tonight – I'll be a going as a TV background character (in this case, a random Dharma Initiative member from LOST), but I've also got with me the placards made from the year I went as a LOLcat for Halloween. Just because.

  2. Me, my husband and our 13 month old son are going as Captain Kirk, a sexy science officer, and a typical Redshirt (already dead). Husband is going as the Red Shirt. I am the Science officer. I was going to be an Andorian Science Officer but I lost track of time. Our little man is Captain Kirk.

  3. I'll be Death of the Endless. Any kid or teen that recognizes me gets 20 extra pieces of candy. And I hand out the good shit.

    • I was Death of the Endless for a dance and my friend was Dream. Only one other person recognized us, and he was the Owlman in a group of Watchmen fans. Everyone else thought we were just goth.

  4. I'm going as Rosie the Riveter (actually the Westinghouse Electric "We Can Do It!" propaganda poster woman, who is not technically Rosie the Riveter, but whatever).

    Quite a few of the students in my department dressed up for school today (as did I). I quite liked the guy who had a sign that said "Yay Ceilings!" He was a ceiling fan, which I was ashamed of myself for not getting. And there were a couple of hilariously accurate guys dressed as two of the profs. 'Twas awesome.

  5. My brother was going to pour glitter on himself and go as a vampire, but he decided that'd annoy him, so he's going as Johnny Depp's character from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

    I was going to go as The Penguin, but I couldn't find a suit coat that would work, so at the last minute, I have now decided to be the evil version of myself. Go facial glue and a goatee!!! (I do have a phaser and a tricorder, so I'll probably clip those on my belt so some people can get it)

    • I sing with an orchestra, and one of the Double Bass players looks *exactly* like The Penguin when he's dressed in his concert attire. It's almost distracting…

  6. I made a giant moustache that I'm wearing on my chest, and it has a bicycle seat mounted to the top of it. I'm a moustache ride!

  7. I was aiming for Dr. Horrible (the red-and-black version at the end of the show), then veered off slightly towards Frank N. Furter, and ended up with a green work coat that's a bit too small, red leather welders gloves that are way too big, and red welders goggles. I just couldn't find the right stuff in the right size. So I bought a bloody sickle and a brain as props, sprinkled blood on the coat, will tease my hair, spray it red and make a fake cut along my forehead. I guess I'm… a brainless homicidal electrician after a shock?

  8. I love the Harpy Christine O'Donnell! As a real, live nurse, I really, really hate the "sexy nurse" costumes. Let me tell you, there is nothing sexy about cleaning up poop and inserting catheters. We also don't walk around saying "seriously" and having sex with the doctors in storage closets and break rooms while ignoring the patients. Seriously.

  9. I threw together a Caesar last minute and rocked a toga. Saw an awesome Machete costume and a really good Brett Favre complete with a strap on hanging out of his wranglers.

  10. Halloween is actually one of the saddest times of year for me… I was a trailblazer of Halloween when it wasn't as popular in Australia as it is now, and I rarely was given any "candy" or as we call 'em, lollies, for the effort I put into my costume each year. I'm worried that I've become the Halloween equivalent of Scrooge in my old age (okay, 20 years old, so not that old and bitter) – maybe I'll be visited by three pumpkin headed ghosts that will teach me the true meaning of Halloween as Tim Burton's freakishly illustrated friends from Halloween Town show me the way…

    It saddened me when so many people came to my door in costume for candy, when I was a kid you were lucky to get even one house that would give you any. It was like I'd busted my hump as a kid for no profit and now the Halloween Zuckerbergs of this world were stealing my rightful credit.

  11. I once read a Woot.com wootshirt description that, as I recall, recommended that you wear it to save face after your "sexy Dora the Explorer" costume was not very well received. That is the new hilarious standard of inappropriate "sexy" costumes.

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