Stop, Hey What’s That Sound?

“There is a key issue that we do not see eye to eye on and on this issue I refuse to back down. That is the issue of your brains and my desire to eat them because they are delicious and also BRAAAAAAAINS!”

David went to the Rally To Restore Sanity and/or Fear and took some pictures. Also, AMC’s The Walking Dead was great. In one episode they have already got me empathizing with and caring for the characters that will soon be horribly torn to fleshy shreds by legions of the undead. I don’t want to give ANYTHING away but there was one little dialog detail that paid off in an unexpected way that really showcased the writer’s attention to detail and character development. If they can maintain that level of quality coupled with the every three to five minutes or so zombie headshot ratio, I think we have a real winner on our hands.

I expect we will be talking about The Walking Dead quite a bit on the next HE Podcast.

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UPDATE: The more Sanity Rally pics I see the more I think Josh was actually there.

Check out Eli and Denise’s photos of their zombie hunter Halloween alter egos.

COMMENTERS: Did you go to the Rally To Restore Sanity And/Or Fear? Do you have any pics or stories to share? Did you watch The Walking Dead? What did you think? Do you want to remix Josh’s signs and post the results in the comments? Go for it!

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  1. I had the option to take a bus down to DC with my coworkers, for free, to go to the rally – but leaving from NYC at 4:30 in the morning was in NO way appealing to me.

    As for Walking Dead, I watched it last night with @JonnyAce even though I'm not a huge fan of zombie things as they tend to lead to nightmares for me. It was alright. I actually got a little bored because it was an hour and a half long and I was tired, but I was excited to see Lennie James (the black guy that helped out what I assume is our main character) – I enjoyed him on Jericho, so I'm glad to see him on TV again. The zombies looked pretty awesome (which of course meant I DID have nightmares about them last night).

    • That episode made me add another mental note to my already large "zombie apocalypse – things to do" stockpile –

      Rule #3 – Don't get the horses killed!

      More important than "don't run out of gas" and less important than "bring food and water" and "headshots only, please." "Get over it and kill 'em" is rule #4 – because every movie seems to have that problem.

    • I thought the same thing…Poor horsey! Otherwise, I liked it. I'm ok with people being eaten. Just leave the animals alone.

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