Nuke the Fridge at the 2008 Summer Failympics

I thought a good Triathlon for the Failympics would be a “Shark High Jump,” “Curve The Bullet Skeet Shooting” followed by the “400 m Fridge Nuke.” Maybe I should write a letter to the Failympic Committee.

Not that this comic makes ANY sense at all, I can try to offer some context:

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  1. Whoa whoa, whose bodies are those? Cause unless Josh and Joel got super fit under those tees and sweaters, they seem to have really small heads in comparison to their bodies.

    Hm. Not unlike real life roided up athletes. A lesson in realism!

  2. Wow. I know which comic I'll want to have autographed and framed! This is awesome. Sorry you had to die in the name of creative license, Josh.

  3. They look like reasonable facsimiles to the real ones to me. Josh is definitely got the husky body going for him. If anything I think Joel might've made himself a little to unduly larger in panels 4/5 (at least from the photos and vlogs I've seen of him).

  4. "Yeah baby, this next heat of the race is NUCLEAR!"

    What other sports would there be in the FAILYMPICS? I suggest DIVIDING BY ZERO, 100 YARD FAILBOAT, and ULTIMATE FAIL – in which the contestants navigate an obstacle course approved by the Darwin Awards.

    I'm surprised at how quickly "Nuke The Fridge" entered modern nomenclature as a phrase. The movie hasn't even been out for a year yet, has it?

  5. "I'm surprised at how quickly "Nuke The Fridge" entered modern nomenclature as a phrase."

    It really hasn't, despite what the professional Lucas-haters would have you believe. I'll put it this way: the people trying to push "nuke the fridge" down our throats are the ones who still think "jump the shark" is the height of clever.

    Sorry, Indy-haters, it had to be said.

  6. Wanted made me like Jolie more, who I didn't really care for before. I didn't find her all that attractive, but she was cute in Wanted.

    That being said, Wanted was all "high octane" and "special effects wonder!" but it was also sort of doo-doo. You'd think a movie where everyone is shooting and dying wouldn't be so boring.

  7. Ultimate Fail? Sounds like a winner to me! Get those genes out of the pool!

    What a figure is, all the athletes will kill themselves off eventually, leaving us in a civilization of monitor-tanned comics aficionados with a reasonable level of intelligence to pass on the the next generation. GO OLYMPICS GO!

  8. Yes. With so many 100% wins, they are bound to have a misstep from time to time. .Mac was always the bastard of the Apple family, and MobileMe is a double bastard. They need to give up on that or retool it, or make it free.

  9. I'm actually in the minority of people who liked the latest Indy film.

    I just think it's neat to see popular culture evolve right before our eyes like that. I'm always so used to looking back at the 80's that I don't know what to think when it happens right here and now.

    • If they followed through with a refrigerator Doctor Whovians would get pissed. A delorean is much safer and much more roomy.

  10. I'd add the eight-pronged circular insignia of the pre-Palpatine GALACTIC REPUBLIC, the 12-star ring of the European Union (all sporting fests need that annoying international flava) and the yellow O on University of Oregon football helmets.

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