Comic-Con ’08 Revelations Pt. 1 “SereniTube”

The Podcast Vidcast Simulcast Castcast will be tonight with Josh and Eli, starting between 8 and 9pm central. Check Twitter for exact times.

Comic-Con ’08 is over and the webs are returning to normal. I wasn’t able to attend (much less exhibit), but it’s totally cool because everywhere I turned on the interblogs there was some other web cartoonist Tweeting, blogging, vlogging or skrogling how freaking awesome it was. So… it was like I was there… which is totally just as cool [weeps].

(Baby steps, Joel, baby steps)

This week, each HE comic will be devoted to one “revelation” made at this years San Diego International Comic-Con. I think today’s comic speaks for itself in that “more Firefly” would be a good and welcomed thing, but would not be possible on the web unless it were a flash cartoon, and Captain Mal were an email answering luchadore. (I seriously feel like I’ve written that last sentence on this site before)

Sure, people are speculating that the success of “Dr. Horrible” could  open new possibilities for our beloved space whores, phychic sister-weapons and… oh right, they killed Wash, but unless Firefly could get MAJOR sponsorship (and I’m talking Serenity would have to be a modified Ford F-150) I don’t see how the venture could be financially successful… today. I say that because the idea of shows being produced SPECIFICALLY for the web can only be a few years off. Tivo made “channels” and “times slots” obsolete and, in turn, the internet is making “networks” and “ratings” obsolete.

I know there have already been a few pseudo-dramas produced exclusively for MySpace and such, but I don’t consider that entertainment, therefor it doesn’t factor into this equation.  NBC, ABC and F/X are experimenting with “webisodes” during the off season, but this doesn’t interest me either. I don’t want “throw away” content featuring the B-cast members of my favorite shows.

One of the major networks or film studios is going to have to take a leap of faith and produce a real series with real actors and real writers exclusively for the web.  NBC/Universal is my pick, seeing as they know how to make decent comedies and sci-fi type series, and Hulu is the perfect distribution model. Get on it, jerks. I’m sick of having to pay for 350 satellite channels when i only watch 7. TV shows “A La Motherfucking Carte” is where it’s at.

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  1. Excellent comic. Panels 2 & 4 are perfect for using as premium prints or wallpapers at least. Take out the caption on panel 2 because it wouldn't make sense out of context but panel 4 has a lot of added potential when taken out of context what could they possibly be filming?

  2. Joss, why do you tease us with such delicious treats that will never happen? Next time someone asks about Firefly/Serenity outside of a comic question he needs to just say no comment and move on.

  3. I agree with Joel, we are in desperate need for some high quality made for the Internets drama. And make if fucking available in Canada (seriously WTF why should I have to fake a US IP just to watch Hulu?)

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