Novelty Cake Toppers

COMIC SCHEDULE FOR THE NEXT TWO WEEKS: Comics this week will be Tuesday and Thursday. Guest comics will run next week while I get everything in order for New England Webcomics Weekend.

I got a chance to meet Danielle Corsetto at STAPLE this weekend in Austin, TX. All of the girls in this comic are from her most EXCELLENT comic “Girls With Slingshots.” I highly recommend it. STAPLE seemed like a fun, non-threatening con, and based on Danielle’s endorsement I think I will exhibit there next year.

I was visiting family in Austin, but my wife and I managed to sneak away and finally see “Watchmen.” There was WAY more dong than I expected, but I thought it was tastefully done. Floppity, yet tasteful. I am waiting for someone on YourTubes to put out the “ALL DONG” special edit of the film.

I really enjoyed the movie. It was slow at times, but it seemed appropriate. The story and characters carried a lot of weight and it would have seemed phony if they sped through the narrative. I’m anxious to read the comic now and see what I think after taking it all in. I got the feeling from the movie that I knew where the “comic issues” began and ended. The tension seemed to rise and fall about 12 times during the film. Did I mention the dong? There was a lot of it.

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  1. Sweetness! Joel you did an amazing job of getting the GWS girls translated into your own personal drawing style and still maintaining their characteristics! Way to go!

    • I don't really read GWS (but I've been seeing it more and more lately cause of all the DCorsetto talk) and I recognized it was GWS cause of the girl with the big rack.

      Sad, I know.

  2. Hahaha! I am indeed not disappointed! The inflatable sheep was a nice touch. I love josh's expression in panel 3. Also love Jamie's hat. Also love those Staple pics! Ten more days.

  3. I'm having a faneurism. Combining my two favorite webcomics is too much for my feeble brain!

    Also, I second what Krav said about translating Danielle's characters to your style.

  4. On a side note I'm actually surprised there isn't a marketing tie-in with Hollywood and the sex toy industry. A baterang viberator perhaps? Lightsaber dildo that lights up and makes sounds…

  5. I'm endlessly amused by the fact that the "Cake toppers" tag resulted in an advertisement for legitimate cake toppers on the side-bar of this page.

  6. Blue Penis in your comic! Won't someone think of the children? They shouldn't be exposed to this or superheroes making whoopee with the boobs and all! This comic is shocking!

    Children should only be exposed to guns, knives, bone-breaking karate moves and blood, lots of blood.

  7. Awesome! You got the GWS Girls perfectly! I haven't seen The Watchmen, yet, so I can't really comment on the accuracy of the forth guest…member.

  8. Ok, so when I originally clicked over to view the comic yesterday, I saw the glowing blue prosthesis and freaked out (being at work and all). Well, it occurred to me this morning that I didn't get a chance to check the comic out in the comfort of my own home last night, so today I said eff-it and came back.

    It's not too bad actually. I love the fact that Josh is actually wearing just the Dr. Manhattan panties and nothing else in returning them.

    Plus, I think I have a new webcomic to add to my daily read. Joel Watson, you rock in every way imaginable!

  9. Just found you from GWS and I've read the entire archive. Love the strip and it's going straight in my RSS reader!

    • Thanks, Robert. I will make sure to compliment Danielle on the quality of her readers when I see her this weekend. It seems like nearly everyone who follows that link is reading the whole archive.

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