Novelty Cake Toppers

COMIC SCHEDULE FOR THE NEXT TWO WEEKS: Comics this week will be Tuesday and Thursday. Guest comics will run next week while I get everything in order for New England Webcomics Weekend.

I got a chance to meet Danielle Corsetto at STAPLE this weekend in Austin, TX. All of the girls in this comic are from her most EXCELLENT comic “Girls With Slingshots.” I highly recommend it. STAPLE seemed like a fun, non-threatening con, and based on Danielle’s endorsement I think I will exhibit there next year.

I was visiting family in Austin, but my wife and I managed to sneak away and finally see “Watchmen.” There was WAY more dong than I expected, but I thought it was tastefully done. Floppity, yet tasteful. I am waiting for someone on YourTubes to put out the “ALL DONG” special edit of the film.

I really enjoyed the movie. It was slow at times, but it seemed appropriate. The story and characters carried a lot of weight and it would have seemed phony if they sped through the narrative. I’m anxious to read the comic now and see what I think after taking it all in. I got the feeling from the movie that I knew where the “comic issues” began and ended. The tension seemed to rise and fall about 12 times during the film. Did I mention the dong? There was a lot of it.