Meowmicry (Replay’s Perspective)

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I mentioned in the comments to THIS COMIC how I thought it would be neat to see the same events from the cats’ perspectives.  Now BEHOLD, for I have followed through with that threat.

Replay, our black and white fuzzy idiot, is the kind of cat who knows his bowl is full, and knows YOU know his bowl is full, yet refuses to eat out of it until you escort him over to it and everyone just goes right ahead and acknowledges that it is full. Christ, what an asshole.

COMMENTERS: Your pets are stupid. This is a given. In what specific ways are your pets stupid? 

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  1. What is is with accompanying them to the damn food bowl?! One of my cats JUST started this. I think it's a conspiracy. Only in order to entice her to eat, I have to take some of the food out of the bowl, put it on the floor, where she'll sniff it, look at me suspiciously, THEN proceed to eat it.

    • Yes, one of ours has done that for a long time, just today she jumped up on the counter to let me know that she hadn't actually seen me put in the food that was in her bowl so she wanted more. I added 4 extra kibbles from the scoop and she happily chowed down.

    • My boyfriend broke my calico Vin. When I moved in with her and my late grumpy old man cat Edison, my boyfriend decided that holding her tail while she ate was a good idea (she was still a kitten). Now she seems to think she needs tail holding (or butt skritching) when she wants to eat. Mind you, Vin CAN eat without said tail holding/butt skritching. I've seen it. But the food just isn't as tasty unless we start her out with tail holding/butt skritching.

      Thanks for breaking my cat, Boyfriend. Hmph.

    • My ancient kitty Spook (she made 18yrs) used to eat her food like a raccoon. She'd push her kibble bowl over to the water bowl and carefully scoop a pawfull over the edge into the water – and the rest of it all over the floor. Then she'd fish out the dunked pieces and eat them daintily, slogging water all over the bathroom floor in the process. The spilled food that encountered water outside her water bowl was inferior and beneath her notice and left for "the peasants" (Her name for my husband and I) to clean up. Dampening Her Majesty's food before offering it to her was met with haughty disdain. Using non-skid bowls that she couldn't pull next to each other led to deliberate water bowl tipping and crying. She would not eat any other way.

  2. Whenever imitating my cat's meow, I've always wondered if that's how they perceive it. The big Cuddle and Food Giver thing speaks gibberish most of the time, but every now and then you say "What are you doing?" and it looks at you and goes "WHaTarEYOudoinG?!" and then continues about its day.

    That has to be unsettling.

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