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Here’s the 2nd installment of this week’s “Lo FiJiNKS” comics. The preorder for the book is going amazingly well. Much better than I expected. Big thanks to everyone who has preordered so far.

As of this posting there are only about 35 Ultimate Fancy Editions left!


What other scifi vet would you like to see guest star on Dollhouse? I hear there was talk of having Summer Glau on at some point. I would like to see Eddie Olmos emote the hell out of that Dollhouse, personally.

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  1. Loving the lo fijinks style, almost an homage to comics of the past…
    (If you were making an homage to a person of the gay or lesbian persuasion, would it be a homo-age?)
    Perhaps Saul Tigh will be a new Doll, for those ladies who appreciate the older man WITH ONE FRAKKIN' EYE!!!

    • If Sackhoff's a Doll, everyone watching will count the hours until she breaks down into screaming-psycho-bitch mode. That's the most I remember her doing on BSG

  2. Well Joss even said that he's not afraid to play favorites next season. For all we know, it could be the last, so why not? He's already got Wesley and River to show up.

  3. "I would like to see Eddie Olmos emote the hell out of that Dollhouse, personally."

    Who wouldn't? He'd could describe watching paint dry and bring one to tears.

    • "He'd could describe watching paint dry and bring one to tears"

      If I remember correctly, Bill Adama actually did break down in tears while painting his office in the final season of BSG.

    • I can see EJO as someone higher up the DollHouse Corporate ladder sent to whip whts-her-name-the Ice-Queen's branch into shape, like maybe fire all the dullards who make the show boring and smack around Topher for being a douche. But that's just how I sees it.

  4. If Summer Glau is a Doll, it will be like watching Cameron Philips (her Terminator character) try to act like 3 years old instead of 16 in a robotic tone of voice. How creepy would that be? I am supposed to enjoy watching the show, right?

    • I read an interview where Joss she would NOT be a doll because she has only ever played these creepy robotic characters, but in real life she's very funny and outspoken. he wants to showcase that side of her if she is ever on the show.

      • Would it be too much to ask that She be a lesbian who wants to be reunited with her dead lover and Echo is imprinted with that woman and sent in for that job? 😀

        • I've seen a few interviews and segments where Summer's just being herself and I'm thinking "Is this the same person?"
          Anyway, I'm down with non-robot Summer, & lesbo-Echo.

  5. Everyone forgetting they already have Romo Lampkin as a recurring character on Dollhouse? I'd like Wil Wheaton as a creepy Dollhouse customer.

  6. Just bring on the GWAR. The entire band. Full stage makeup. Dunno .. have them arrive to fix the toilets or something.

    I never saw Dollhouse.

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