I Was Working In The Lab, Late One Night

potter and daughter podcast logo hijink ensue

When my Patreon reaches $2000/month I’m going to release a new podcast where upon I interview my 7 years old daughter as she reads through the Harry Potter series. It’s called Potter And Daughter and it’s awesomefreakinadorableashell! More details HERE.

Calling all Whovians with holes in their ears!┬áJust look at these Dalek earrings my wife made! They’re in her Etsy store and ready to EXTERMINATE your… lack of perfect ear jewelry?

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  1. Connect the Oscillation Overthruster to the Flux Capacitor, then reverse the polarity of the neutron flow, cross the streams, and hope the Force is with you.

  2. Popcorn?

    • The more I've learned about wifi, the more I've hoped for the technology that will eventually replace it. I now run a repeater at the other side of my house because faster 5ghz wifi is shittier at getting through walls, and I refuse to use the slower 2.4ghz wifi that is better at getting through walls because it's SLOWER dammit.

      • From my point of view, the thing to do is to run ethernet to all the computers that will take it (barring laptops used on the couch), and then run 5G or dual-band wireless switches (not routers, so you can have multiples without running into IP conflicts) from the ethernet in the rooms you want to use wifi in.

        Honestly, wifi is a pain in the ass. Great concept, but a real pain to implement, especially when it ends up with everyone trying to shout over everyone else's signals.

  3. "For making popcorn, right?"
    "…Sure! Why not? All this sciencing builds up an appetite."
    Tesla coils! You need Tesla coils in your laboratory. You can't science properly without Tesla coils providing the lightning and crackle in the joint.

  4. I keep flinching when I see how close Joel's nose is to the Roomba, just knowing what it's been through.

    And in an explosion of ridiculous funny everywhere, I think the "additional buh?" is what just kills me, here. Excellent work! =D

  5. Additionally, you really want the vacuum cleaner plugged in and turned on when disassembling a roomba.. the pet hair, man. The pet hair gets everywhere. It's like water except simply leaving the device to dry without an energy source connected will not solve the problem!

  6. Next time I have to do a repair job around the house, you can bet I'll put my tools on a baking pan, so it looks like science!

  7. Living in a low-wage household, this concept if the "popcorn setting" eludes me. INSTEAD I SHALL SCIENCE WITH MY TOASTERS DEFROST BUTTON!

  8. Simple solution to the backdating concern. Just accelerate any worried fancy bastards to near light speed for a few round trips to Uranus until the time dilation effects cancel any discrepancies.

    I mean you MUST have figured out how to set the Roomba to accomplish this by now, Joel. You DID bring the Q-tips…. (Hint: put them DIRECTLY in your ear canal–it's only the string theory nutjobs who put that warning on the packaging to protect their monopoly)

  9. Scare the cats and charge the ions by rubbing the cats together with balloons! Stick everything to the ceiling.

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