I Prefer The Term “Artificial Person” Myself

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When my Patreon reaches $2000/month I’m going to release a new podcast where upon I interview my 7 years old daughter as she reads through the Harry Potter series. It’s called Potter And Daughter and it’s awesomefreakinadorableashell! More details HERE.

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  1. Ah, another fine example of George Lucas's kindergarten-like storytelling ability. One of the last known jedi, certainly wanted by the empire, only changes his FIRST NAME when he goes into hiding and clearly isn't keeping a low profile if some moisture farmer knows all about him.

    • Ok first up i will admit i haven't read any of the Extended Universe so if any of what I am about to say is debunked there I apologise. However neither of those things necessarily are too far fetched. While only changing his first name may seem a bad policy at first there could be several reasons why he wishes to do it. To quite obvious ones spring to mind. Firstly Kenobi may be quite a common last name in the Star Wars Universe. We only find out about a dozen last names for humans through the trilogy which isn't really a representative sample. The other is that he may have assumed the identity of a family member and used that persons identification. The other one is much more explicable. Even a hermit must go out to society occasionally especially on a planet like Tatooine where subsistance agriculture isn't sustainable. And when about he will have to give a name. If he doesn't that's likely even worse for him because he starts to look suspicious and bring the Stormtroopers down on him. Keeping a low profile isn't keeping no profile at all. In addition if anyone will know him its Luke. The whole reason he's on Tatooine is because he is there to keep an eye on Luke. This means they are by necessity pretty close together. And with population densities what they are Obi Wan is probably a weird neighbor that largely keeps to himself. You can criticise Lucas's story telling in a lot of ways but Obi Wan on Tatooine makes enough sense that i can easily give it a pass. Its certainly not down to the levels of being "kinndergarten like".

      • You are mostly right. Luke's aunt and uncle almost certainly know who Obi-Wan is. Or at the very least know he knew Anakin… That or is just some creepy guy that gives away free babies. But sill, I would think a bit more changing of the name probably would have come in handy. It would mean that Luke wouldn't have put two and two together, but his aunt or uncle could have told him at least some of the truth and set him up to go find Obi-Wan even if he was calling him self Old Ben Jones or whatever.

        • The thing is, Owen and Beru are fully aware of what happened to Anakin, and Owen specifically was trying to keep him both away from Obi-Wan and from leaving Tatooine, since he believed the path of the Jedi led to destruction. Telling him ANY of the truth would've just made Luke want to leave that much more.

        • Interestingly, on the thought that they knew who Obi-Wan was. I read an old novel version of Return of the Jedi a couple months ago. According to that, Owen was originally supposed to be Obi-Wan's brother, not Luke's biological uncle.

          This actually kinda makes more sense to me. It's implied Jedi leave their family behind when they join the Order so Obi-Wan could have very well been the only one who even knew who Owen was. After all that buttcrap with Emperor Rancid goes down Obi-wan shows up and is like "Heeeey brother." You could say Owen was hesitant but maybe he and Beru weren't able to have kids so he agrees and tells Obi-Wan to keep his distance.

          Honestly makes more sense to me than "Ok dude. My dad married some girl. Her kid showed up, went on a rampage and pillaged an entire Tusken clan, I never saw him again. He went super evil and helped murder the galaxy. He knows who I am AND who you are, and you want me to take care of his kid? Sure, this all sounds wonderful."

  2. I would have thought sure that Tom Servo smelled like weed.

    …or maybe that's Crow. He always WAS first with the "I AM Metaluna!" jokes….

  3. Seeing Joels' nose touch the thing after knowing…

    I had to go shave my own stache off just to get the cleans back.

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