How To Train Your Hellhound

“And why is the exposed skull on fire?” is not a question one should have to ask with regards to a children’s film.

All joking aside, Guillermo del Toro is a great choice to help improve Dreamworks animated features. He was all over How to Train Your Dragon and that was a genuinely enjoyable film. It didn’t quite have the adult/child crossover of a Pixar creation but it was probably Dreamworks‘ most well-rounded offering to date.

Though I do think Dreamworks would do well not to stifle Del Toro were he to throw in a few goat-faced demon spawn in the next Madagascar sequel.

Commenters: How else might Guillermo del Toro bring his singular vision to children’s films? Or how might he adapt current animated movies?

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  1. Infernal *throne* of sorrowed souls.

    He can definitely go all multi-lingual all over some children's movies. Or at least partially multi-lingual. His English isn't that great.
    I'd love to sic Dreamworks AND DelToro on some Island of Misfit toys… a little Toy Story, but with a dark side.

    • I realized the resemblance when I went to draw del Toro and it was the same way that I would have drawn you. Maybe you can convince him he's your dad and get some of that sweet sweet hollywood monies.

  2. del Toro's Seven Dwarves are deformed, incest-borne monstrosities, and they try to cut Snow White's legs off so she can live among them.

  3. Penguins of Madagascar certainly took a turn for the darker after King Julien bashed Fred the Squirrel's face in with a wine bottle.

  4. In Flushed Away (FAR better than Ratatouille IMO) the toilet leads to a far stranger place than the sewer, where the slugs sing mariachi tunes, and the Jammy Dodger is a sentient ship of dog bones, eternally seeking revenge on all cats by helping rats invade their homes and gnaw their paws off.

  5. Lets face it, Shrek is overdue for a darker, edgier reboot. Shrek becomes more of a Tolkienesque ogre with a bespiked club or double headed ax. Fill his swamp with the restless dead of a battles long lost (think The Dead Marshes). Donkey becomes one of Del Toros signature otherworldly creatures. Crank the fascism of Duloc up to 11 and promote Farquaads Napoleon complex to a Hitler complex. There, done.

  6. Del Toro definitely has a theme of parent death/child death/orphans. So…actually, that works well with kids films… Disney films are all basically orphans or dead parents.

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