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Alls I’m sayin’ is if she’s lookin’ for a muse, I can be the one to do the musin’. I’ll muse her up good.

HijiNKS ENSUE Comic PrintsI apologize for missing a couple of comic updates. Last week I was pulling the self employed doodler version of double shifts for 5 days in a row in order to get (wait for it…….) 3 NEW SHIRT DESIGNS, 1 UPDATED DESIGN FOR A CURRENT SHIRT, 4 HOLIDAY CARD DESIGNS, and 1 MUG DESIGN off to Topatoco in time for the holiday stuff-purchasing season times. It was a tough week, but I’m very proud of the things I created and I think you will enjoy them too. Hopefully they will all be in THE STORE in the next few weeks.

COMMENTERS: What would you like to see explored in a potential trilogy of new Harry Potter books? Do you think there should be more books at all? Personally I would like to see the story involve events before the epilogue of book 7. Let’s see Harry get into the world of Auror…ing. Auroring? Whatever. Wizard Cops.

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    • Man, I hate the idea of more Harry Potter books, but Neville? More Neville would have made those books better. Give me a Neville trilogy!

    • With a subplot involving Luna going on adventures with a muggle cryptozoologist in a flying car and discovering awesome creatures that both worlds laugh at!

    • YES! or as Joe says below, Neville as the Boy Who Lived.
      Harry was written about til the cows came home. But Nev, that boy is a gold mine for new material.
      *total Neville fangirl* sorry.

  1. Just have to say, I love the strip title.

    If she writes more books, I will read them, and I will hope devoutly that they are good even though she finished her Giant Story Arc with the first 7. I'm sure she has ideas.

    And yes, I think following Harry into Auroring would be awesome.

  2. I adored the Harry Potter series, I grew up on it basically, so if she writes more books I will read them. I think it'd be nifty if she wrote a story or two set in the Marauder's time. Or skip Harry's generation entirely and write about his children and their friends.

    Wizard cops ftw. Awesome comic Joel.

  3. I would much rather she not write the books, but if she must, I'd be much more interested in the story of James and Lily Potter, perhaps ending the book at Harry's birth/James & Lily's death?

  4. I've said for a long time that I'd like to see her team up with a North American author (maybe Scott Westerfeld or some other YA star) and write an American wizarding high school series. Make it 3 or 4 books to match the American high school model. Have a different cast of characters, a different Big Bad and an American feel. Harry Potter Wizardry from a completely different perspective.

    Rowling could work with the new author to develop the overall story and characters with the collaborator doing the bulk of the writing to give the books the proper cultural grounding.

    It would either be a complete and total disaster or a fantastic addition to the mythos. Either way I'd love to see how it turns out.

    • Oh, oh dear. I just cannot see this turning out okay at all. The setting of the HP books is so very crucial to what they are! I feel like doing an American version would be selling out like crazy. Even if she doesn't need the money, it would feel like a major sell-out.

      This is as a Canadian who read the UK versions without any of the Americanization, I don't know if that affects my opinion.

  5. Rowling is a hack. She definitely needs help writing, but it won't be coming from me.

    As the Queen says, "We are not a muse."


    We only see short little flashes of Lily and James' lives. We don't get to see them fall in love and that would be awesome. Plus, more Sirius Black? YES PLEASE.

    *fangirl, I know*

      • As a terrible price, ron becomes so fair he may no longer walk in daylight. Unfortunately this is beginning to sound a little twilighty, so, y'know, 'sprobably gonna happen.

  7. Adding my vote to the prequel crowd. Either set during the Marauders' years at Hogwarts or the dark days of Voldemort's reign of terror; I don't care. Or both, if she can possibly squeeze it all into three books, maybe with heavy use of flashbacks/flashforwards.

  8. Just sayin', if Rowling releases "Special Editions" of her original seven novels where Dumbledore shoots first, more elaborate descriptions of the Wizard Battles are given, and these new, possible Prequel novels overcomplicate things with Wizarding politics and trade embargos….

    Yeah, I think you know where I'm going with this. Just for the love of God don't make Kid Voldemort a wimpy kid who talks about sand.

  9. I'd just like whatever she writes to be set before the epilogue in the hopes she doesn't really name Harry's children those stupidass names.

    I'd kind of also like for it to not be about Harry, which was what she originally said right after the 7th book was finished.

  10. Say the first fans were 10 when the first book came out, they're in their 20's now. That means it will go one of two ways, either Harry vs Vampires or "boddice rippers" (chick porn). If it's the former than one vampire will be sympathetic and team with Harry. If they go for the latter I vote the third book is called "Three Dollar (or Quid) Bill" and stars Dumbledore.

  11. If there must be more the next trillogy should be a sort of true hollywood story on Harry. His rise to fame since defeating the dark lord. Then the downward spiral of sex, drugs, and Rock & Roll. Finnaly after contracting many different venerial diseases both magical and mundane Harry finds god, just before dieing of unicorn AIDS.

  12. I say what I have always said – alternate universe.

    What if Harry had ended up in Slytherin House. That's ALL I want to read. Unfortunately, I am not skilled enough to write it myself as fan-fic. But I totally want to see it.
    How would that have affected Harry's relationship with Snape, Malfoy, Dumbledore? How would Harry have killed the Basilisk? Would Voldemort or the Death-Eaters have hated Harry any less?

  13. There's at least two other wizardry schools – one in France and one in Bulgaria or somewhere. Why not set the story in one of those contemporary to the Harry Potter series? Surely they have their own challenges etc while Voldemort is rising in the UK. New setting, new characters, same universe.

  14. I read them when they were originally done as The Books of Magic by DC Comics.

    Infinitely better than the, so-called, novels.

  15. I want to see the next books focus on Ron. Have it start out with him being recently single and trying to get back into the dating scene. Unfortunately he becomes obsessed with his body and decides to take steroids and enter into the Mr. Hogwarts Bodybuilder competition. Harry gets wind of this and becomes his coach and helps him when he needs to inject himself in the ass during his next cycle. Ron begins to notice that as a result of all this abuse, his wand isn't what it used to be. He has a falling out with his family and starts drinking heavily which leads to him being arrested for domestic assault on Harry for not doing the dishes. Harry bails him out and forgives him and they have three kids and live happily ever after.

  16. Am I a bad person for laughing at my good friend's fiancé cartoon version bumbling around inside a chimney like female Dick Van Dyke… LOL… Chim-chimney, chim-chimney, chim-chim OH GOD CHIMNEY BIRD!!!!


  17. Okay, I would love to see the prequels.
    But i would also love to read the unauthorized autobiography of Dumbledore. Which means bumblebee did you know that? No? Okay, I'll stop filling your heads with bits of fluff now.

    So get to it, J.K…..we're waiting..always waiting.

    Also would like to read a little about what would have happened if Hermione and Krum got together, and Ron hadn't messed the whole thing up.

  18. I'd like to see a Naruto-esque saga on how Harry Potter fixes an essentially broken education system; Voldemort wasn't the cause, he was a SYMPTOM. They teach children spells, including hexes, but do absolutely nothing to teach morality beyond a biased and arbitrary point system. It's like handing an entire elementary school handguns, but don't teach gun safety, don't hand out bullet-proof vests or rubber bullets, and don't tell the parents about their kid's new possessions once they go home, because the parents all own nukes.

    Of course, if JKR did that, she'd have to solidly stand behind sweeping liberal education reform, and I don't know if she does support it or not.

  19. There’s at least two other wizardry schools – one in France and one in Bulgaria or somewhere. Why not set the story in one of those contemporary to the Harry Potter series? Surely they have their own challenges etc while Voldemort is rising in the UK. New setting, new characters, same universe.

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