In All Fairness

It’s state fair time again! Time to decide which what sort of fried poison garbage your will murder yourself. Ooh! I hope it’s one of those that’s just an ingredient, like fried butter, or fried baking soda or twice fried oil!

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  1. After we slowly murder ourselves with undigestible fried dough, we can hit up any of the infinity booths selling pirated t-shirts with miscolored, poorly drawn versions of your favorite cartoon characters, stitched together by blind indian orphans, and lead-painted action figures that will literally kill you just by being in the same room.

  2. The real goal, the cold fusion of Fair food, if you will, is the deep-fried refried beans. It would be the tessaract of heart-attacks….

    • Before now, I did not know that I needed deep-fried refried beans…but now I must have them. If only we could get a third level of frying in there…

      • I’m certain it is possible. They might have to be frozen first, but I’m sure you could batter and fry a ball of refried beans. That does indeed sound likely to be awesome.

        I noticed this year they had fried pumpkin pie, and I was highly tempted, but resisted. I have some regrets, but I’m sure my arteries are thanking me now.

      • Technically, refried beans are only fried once. The word comes from “refritos”, which just means “fried”. It’s a mistranslation to think that means they’re fried twice. Mind you, fried fried fried beans do sound tasty…

    • How about fried cheese fries? Take a batch of french fries, coat them with cheese, batter them (tempura I’d say) then fry them again.

  3. I don’t go to state fairs anymore (and I don’t remember any sort of crazy treat like fried butter at the ones I’ve been to), so I watch Mega64’s Faircasts instead

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