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¬†Guys, Turbo looks BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD. By which I mean to say it looks AWFUUUUUUUUULLLLLLLLL. By which I also mean to say, kids are going to love this shit and it’s going to make a billion dollars and I am probably going to have to take my daughter to see it.

You know what looks cute? The Boxtrolls.

COMMENTERS: What kids movie were you dragged to by your little ones that you actually ended up enjoying? What kids movie were you dragged to that, upon completion, you wished you had been subsequently dragged into a hole in the dirt, covered in dirt and left there to become more dirt?

I really enjoyed How to Train Your Dragon way more than I assumed I would. I actually nodded off during Cars 2. That was a hell of a joyless cashgrab. I accidentally wrote “cashcrab” then changed it, but I think cashcrab fits. Fuck that cashcrab.

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