What We Leave Behind

CLOSEOUT SALE in the HE Store is still going on! 

These shirts are marked down to $14.95 and leaving the HE Blind Ferret Store for good!

Team EdwardEwok StareShow Us On The TrilogyWinter Is Coming and Sci-Five
Ladies versions of these shirts are on sale too!

These shirts are marked down to $9.95!

OvipositorUnicorn PoopAnd My Axe (Ladies), SyFy Movie Title Generator and British Knights

COMMENTERS: What goes in your cultural time capsule? Please chose 3 movies (1 comedy, 1 drama, 1 dumb action), 3 TV series (1 drama, 1 comedy and 1 British), 3 music albums (1 you love now, 1 you loved when you were younger, 1 you are uncertain as to why you ever loved because it’s truly terrible), and feel free to toss in some books or whatever.


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