Guest Comic: My vengeance, it has a flavor

His sidekick would be called “Bacon-Bit.”

Today’s guest comic comes from Adam Levermore-Rich and C.A. Bridges from the comic “Save Hiatus.”

Save Hiatus is about a group of friends who just lost their favorite scifi show due to premature cancellation. Sound familiar? If your coat is even the slightest bit brown, you will enjoy it. You may also cry after unearthing repressed memories of petitions, and forums, and letter writing campaigns. It’s Ok. Let it out. It’s good to cry.

Definitely check out their site and tell those guys thanks for helping me out in a big way.


Thank you all (readers and comic contributors) for allowing me this time to spend with my family. New comics will be back on Monday.  Sunday, May 11th, is the 1 year anniversary of HijiNKS Ensue. That’s pretty cool, I guess.

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  1. I think Save Hiatus is run by the guys.

    It's a great comic, since it starts with what is, essentially, the end of a story. Also, all those fake trivia things they've invented for the show. It's really top notch.

  2. It saddens me that the majesty of a new word "Baconsplosion" was ruined by this typo. I initially thought it was bacon-poison, which is a new kind of dastardly. Who could resist it?

  3. yeah, and I'm one of their dastardly henchmen (women?)…glad to see you guys pitching in over here! Because we all know that Save Hiatus is "magically fabulous!" (and yes, as mentioned above, the fake trivia rocks.)

  4. I believe Jones Soda actually did try that one once.
    Maybe I'm imagining things…bacon will do that to you in large enough quantities…checked the site, actually it's their annual holiday "Turkey & Stuffing" soda I was thinking of. Maybe we should suggest a "BLT" soda?

  5. Wait, I've got it. His archnemesis is the evil ReJewvenator, a Hasidic rabbi and part time mohel who has lived for hundreds of years via a magical device that sucks the life out of gentiles. He calls this machine "YHVH". His plans are usually foiled by his refusal to pay full price for anything.

  6. Bacon… MMM. Bacon. I think if I were Bacon Man, I'd be to distracted by my Bacon powers, and would eat my bacon tools… and therefore no crime would be fought (or committed if I were a supervillain)
    Kudos for such a delectable superhero!

  7. I think that may have been one of FARK's or Worth 1000's old "fictional product" Photoshop contests…however, considering they actually tried "new Coke"…? Could "Bacon Diet Coke" have been much worse???

  8. Hope the funeral went well. Sorry for your loss; look forward to you updating again (not that the guest artists did a bad job-I've started reading Save Hiatus now-but its just not the same).

  9. You should check out You sign up, tell it what webcomics you read, and it will tell you if any of those webcomics have a new strip up. Instead of checking all 103 webcomics that I read individually, I just have to check one site.

    *not affiliated with, I just think it's cool.

  10. Yeah I considered doing something like that for a while, but I decided against it because if I read from an RSS, I miss blog posts, site news, and anything else the author(s) want to share with their fans. Plus the hour or two per day I spend checking them is usually well wasted, and pretty relaxing.

  11. Hey sort of unrelated, but am I the only uncircumcised man on Earth? It sort of gives me a planet of the apes vibe, like I'm going to crawl out onto the sand, look up, and see a giant, bronze, circumcised penis holding a torch, "You maniacs! You cut it off!"

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